Smackdown – October 26, 2012

October 26, 2012
Dunkin’ Donuts Center, Providence, Rhode Island
Josh Matthews, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the final show before the PPV and I think everything major is set.
We finally know the tag title match so you can probably expect to see
some more about that. After the disaster of a Raw this week, maybe
Smackdown can redeem things a bit. If nothing else, Sheamus vs. Big
Show is probably the best feud going in the WWE right now. Let that
sink in for a minute. Let’s get to it.

Orton to open the show. As he comes to the ring, we get a history of
Orton vs. Del Rio, including the graphic for their match on Sunday.
Does anyone else find it stupid looking when they have the video game
graphics in the background? It takes away how serious the feud is
supposed to be. Orton says he doesn’t hate Del Rio for attacking him
last week, but rather why the attack happened. If it was because Del
Rio was embarrassed for losing to Sheamus over and over, that’s one
thing. But doing it and pretending to be a tough guy was a mistake.
says he’ll be honest with Del Rio: on Sunday, Alberto is getting the
most brutal beating of his life. Alberto cuts Randy off and says
they’re doing this on Del Rio’s terms. Randy isn’t a viper but
rather a garden snake. Orton says no one here knows what Del Rio
just said. Apparently Del Rio is all talk and is a spineless bottom
feeder with no cajones. Randy’s words, not mine. Del Rio starts to
come to the ring with Orton saying bring it on, but here’s Barrett
from behind to jump Orton.
break Del Rio is in the back when Teddy comes up. Before anything
can be said, Barrett comes up and asks if that was what Del Rio was
looking for. It’s Barrett vs. Orton tonight.
vs. Cody Rhodes
and Sandow are on commentary. Kane takes him into the corner to
start as Bryan and Sandow argue back and forth. There’s the top rope
clothesline followed by an uppercut to put Cody down. Cody escapes a
side slam and hits a running knee to the face of Kane. A Disaster
Kick winds up being a dropkick for two and Cody goes for the knee.
Sandow and Bryan argue over whose beard is better. Josh: “Damien
what is your IQ approaching?” Sandow: “It’s approaching
infinity. I become smarter merely by sitting here.” Cody tries
that uppercut from the mat of his but Kane grabs him for the
chokeslam and pin at 3:15.
D+. This didn’t have time to
get anywhere but the champions dominated for the first time in this
feud that I remember. This is an interesting feud as the champions
completely dominate on an individual basis but when they combine it’s
not so one sided. That makes for an interesting match on Sunday if
nothing else.
comes in to see Show, who is face to face with Sheamus tonight.
Booker requests professionalism tonight but Show cuts him off. Show
won’t cause any trouble because he’s got nothing left to prove until
Sunday. I keep forgetting how tall Booker is.
Miz vs. Yoshi Tatsu
a name I haven’t seen in awhile. Feeling out process to start with
Miz taking him down via a shoulder. They head to the floor with
Tatsu having his back rammed into the barricade. A boot to the side
of Yoshi’s head puts him down and Miz puts on a reverse chinlock with
a hand full of face. Another running boot to the face takes Tatsu
down. A belly to back suplex is countered into a cross body for two
for Yoshi. Miz’s short DDT puts Yoshi right back down and it’s the
Skull Crushing Finale for the pin at 4:02.
D+. Another squash here but
even less competitive. Like I’ve said for a few weeks now though,
WWE is finally starting to use its army of wrestlers in spots like
this instead of someone that’s currently being used in a story.
Yoshi losing here doesn’t mean anything and doesn’t hurt him at all
while giving Miz a boost before the PPV. It’s not hard.
on the Egyptian tour.
ReBound is Ryback destroying Punk on Monday.
also get a video from Main Event with Heyman talking (on the monitor)
about how Ryback isn’t in Punk’s league. Now when Miz (who is in the
ring at this point. On Main Event that is) faced Ryback, he took his
beating like a man. Ziggler losing to Ryback has no correlation with
Punk because Punk is a much better strategist than Ryback.
ANOTHER recap about the Divas situation with Kaitlyn saying she has
proof of Eve being behind the attack at Night of Champions.
Booker’s office, Aksana says it was a text from Eve and not an
e-mail. Teddy tries to make sense of this whole story, which boils
down to Eve is behind everything. Booker says if this is true, then
Eve is off his staff. Eve says she’s too trustworthy and leaves her
iPad and iPhone out with no pass code on it. More yelling ensues
between all four girls in the office until it’s announced as Eve vs.
Layla vs. Kaitlyn for the title. Tonight it’s a tag match though.
Orton vs. Wade Barrett
is sent to the floor very quickly with Orton following and in full
control. Back in and Orton does his circle stomp before hooking a
chinlock. Barrett comes back and sends Randy into the buckle but
Orton clotheslines him down and drops a knee. They head to the floor
with Orton being rammed face first into the apron a few times. As
they come back in, Orton’s Elevated DDT is countered and Barrett
sends him back to the floor.
gets sent into the table and we take a break. Back with Barrett
holding a chinlock, only for Orton to elbow out of it. Scratch that
comeback as Orton gets taken right back down by Wade. Barrett puts
Orton in the ropes and hits that running big boot to the face that
looks awesome. A backbreaker gets two for Barrett and it’s off to a
reverse chinlock. Barrett fires off knees to the ribs of Orton
followed by a clothesline for two.
tries going up top but gets crotched and eventually superplexed down
for two. Randy starts his finishing sequence with the clotheslines
and a powerslam. The place freaks out over the RKO coming up but
Barrett comes back with the Winds of Change for two. Barrett misses
the Souvenir and gets caught in Orton’s over the back backbreaker.
Now the Elevated DDT hits and Orton loads up the RKO, but here’s Del
Rio. The distraction lets Barrett hit the Souvenir for the pin at
9:12 shown of 12:42.
C+. The more I see of Barrett
the more I like him. He’s got a good physical style and looks like
he could take down anyone in any given match. Orton losing here is
fine as it advances his feud with Del Rio before the payoff on
Sunday. I’m already digging this feud WAY more than the Sheamus one,
mainly because there’s a chance Alberto could win.
match Del Rio attacks but neither the cross armbreaker or the RKO can
Torres vs. Kaitlyn/Layla
and Aksana get things going but it’s off to Kaitlyn. Aksana
continues to be the current worst worker on the roster so thankfully
it’s off to Eve. She pounds on Kaitly a bit but a backsplash hits
knees. Eve blocks the tag to Layla so we get more Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn
runs over both heel girls and Layla kicks Aksana in the ribs. Layla
misses a high kick and knocks Kaitlyn out, giving Eve the pin on
Kaitlyn at 3:43.
D+. To be fair, the girls
aren’t as terrible as they used to be as Kaitlyn is at least passable
in the ring. Layla and Kaitlyn….eh not so much. Aksana continues
to be there for looks only but someone has to do that I suppose. Not
horrible here, but the NXT Divas matches are much more entertaining
ReBound sums up the Vickie/AJ/Cena stuff.
doesn’t believe Show will be calm tonight.
tells Bryan that he won his match so if Bryan loses, it’s clear that
Bryan is the weak link.
Bryan vs. Damien Sandow
offers the audience some better words than YES to use, such as
undoubtedly his beard is better than Bryans and absolutely the Rhodes
Scholars will win the titles on Sunday. Kane and Bryan are in on
commentary now. They start on the floor before Bryan takes over with
kicks in the corner back inside. Bryan works on the arm as we take a
break. Back with Sandow on the floor and Bryan firing off kicks.
in and Sandow hits the Russian legsweep and the windup elbow for two.
Off to a chinlock before Sandow fires away right hands to the head.
Kane won’t say a thing. Bryan starts firing off the YES Kicks and
backdrops Damien to the floor. There’s a suicide dive and Cody gets
in Bryan’s face. Kane goes after Sandow but no DQ has been called
yet. Cody posts Bryan and Sandow slides in for the Terminus and the
pin at 5:00 shown of 8:30.
C. Sandow getting a pin on
Bryan is a big win for him and splitting up the wins tonight is a
good move for the tag match. Nothing great here but seeing Damien
hang in there with a guy like Bryan is a great sign. The guy could
be a big deal for years to come, and having him get wins like this is
a good idea.
are Sheamus and Big Show for their face to face time. There’s a ton
of security here just in case. Show lists off a lot of famous
finishers that the KO Punch is stronger than, including the Brogue
Kick which they’ve proven scientifically. Sheamus says the KO Punch
has to connect to work, so Show gives us some footage from a few
weeks ago where he blocked the Brogue Kick.
says the Kick can’t get high enough and it’s a matter of physics that
says Sheamus can’t beat him. If Sheamus thinks he can win, he’s
either stupid or delusional. Sheamus there there are two thinks he
loves: cold ale on a hot day and a good fight. The idea of fighting
Show has his mouth watering. Sheamus again says that the title he
holds today is the same as the WCW Title.
champ is looking forward to fighting Show because he’s the ultimate
fight. Show says Sheamus is scared but Sheamus says he doesn’t care
how many Brogue Kicks it takes. Sheamus shouts that the time for
fighting is now and it’s on. The security all gets tossed out but
Show leaves before fighting Sheamus. Good hard sell for the title
match here which you don’t get enough of anymore.
C+. This was a solid go
home show as the main matches all got a focus. The show isn’t going
to be great but they’ve done enough here to make me interested in
seeing it, which is exactly what they were shooting for here. I’m
pleased by how Big Show vs. Sheamus is looking, as they’ve done a
great job of building up the idea of can Sheamus beat him. I’m not
at all saying it’s a great feud or that the match is going to be
awesome, but they’ve done well with what they’ve got. Good show
b. Cody Rhodes – Chokeslam
Miz b. Yoshi Tatsu – Skull Crushing Finale
Barrett b. Randy Orton – Souvenir
Torres/Aksana b. Layla/Kaitlyn – Torres pinned Kaitlyn after a high
kick from Layla
Sandown b. Daniel Bryan – Terminus
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