Ryback as a main eventer

I keep reading articles (like this one from Grantland http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/8549898/the-beginner-guide-ryback-wwe-superstar-headlining-hell-cell) about how the WWE has made a star in Ryback.
Where is this coming from? Ratings haven't just fallen – they're down to pre-Monday Night Wars level. And this has all occured during Ryback's push. The guy gets some decent heat but the notion he is actually a main event draw is baffling to me. I mean, maybe the plan is for CM Punk to make him look like a billion dollars on Sunday but I am just not seeing it.
Are you? I feel like the smarter wrestling fans are SO desperate for something new that they've sold themselves on Ryback. I don't even know if Ryback/Punk on Monday Night Raw for free would get me to tune in. At $50? Heck no.

Ryback isn't a draw and AJ is definitely not a draw and Team Hell No aren't draws either.  However, what WWE is doing is fairly ingenious, in that they're basically using The Big Lie to create new stars out of them.  I'm of course referring to the method of telling the same lie over and over until it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and eventually the truth.  WWE keeps acting like Ryback is a big ratings mover and telling people he's a big star on the rise, and you get articles like the Grantland one which basically do WWE's own PR work for them.  I have no doubt that if he squashes Punk on Sunday (which might happen) and they gets featured in main events every week (which might happen) that he will indeed be part of the main eventers club for good.  Which is interesting because they made no effort to do it with CM Punk, so that shows who they REALLY want as their top guys.
But yeah, ratings patterns are pretty clear in that these people are not compelling new viewers to tune in, and Ryback isn't exactly tearing up the house show circuit with Punk either.  But I concur with others — eventually they have to make SOMEONE into a new star, so why not Ryback?