Starrcade and WarGames question


Two part question.  Vince used Wrestle mania as a tool for national expansion and to dominate the business.  But Crockett had a year and a half lead with Starrcade.  First, why didn’t Starrcade become the juggernaut of growth that Wrestlemania did.  Second, if you could go back and change the main events and locations of all of the 1980’s Starrcade’s what would you do differently? Bonus question, what are your top 5 WarGames matches.  Thanks, Kyle 

1.  Because Crockett didn't roll the dice as big as Vince did.  He hedged his bets and did limited closed circuit locations, and then got destroyed by Survivor Series when he ventured onto PPV with it.  
2.  How about YOU tell ME what you would have done differently.  I'm fine with most of the main events, although the only major one I'd change would be Flair beating NWA World champion Lex Luger in 88 to regain the belt.  I'd probably also switch 87 to Flair defending against Jimmy Garvin because that was a red-hot feud that could have been run there instead of the Bash tour.  
And I'm not gonna do top 5s unless I write a Kindle book about them, sorry.