NXT – October 24, 2012

October 24, 2012
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Tony Luftman, William Regal
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
to NXT again and it’s still the same feuds we’ve had for the last few
weeks if not months. They need to add in some new ones soon because
this is starting to wear a bit thin. The feuds aren’t to the point
yet where they’re stale or anything, but they’re inching towards that
being the case. Hopefully things can be adjusted tonight. Let’s get
to it.

today Heath Slater came in to see Dusty Rhodes. Slater wants a title
shot against Rollins but Big Dust says you have to earn the shot.
Vickie comes in to interrupt. Oh sweet goodness she’s on THIS SHOW
TOO??? She wants to recruit Slater but Dusty says that Slater can
have a title shot if he wins tonight. I have no idea why Vickie was
here at all.
Clay vs. Camacho
gets the full entrance here and has his old hat because his burial
hasn’t happened in NXT time yet. There’s a new commentator with
Regal now and he’s got a good voice. The ring announcer sounds like
Matt Striker. Brodus shoves him down and dances a bit before
suplexing Camacho down.
punches away a few times in the corner but gets his knee taken out.
A dropkick puts Clay down and it’s off to a nerve hold. Clay fights
up but gets caught in a Samoan Drop. Camacho heads to the floor and
glares at the Funkadactyls which gets him nowhere. Back in and
Camacho jumps into the headbutt followed by the suplex and splash for
the pin at 3:53.
C-. Not much to see here but
for the life of me I don’t get the idea of depushing a guy like
Brodus. He’s a guaranteed pop to open a show but he gets to lose to
a guy like Slater on Smackdown? Oh well, the guy only got over on a
stupid gimmick and the company did nothing with him so it must be
Brodus’ fault right?
Ohno vs. Trent Barreta
takes him down and cranks on the arm as things speed up. A fast
rollup gets two on Ohno and things stay fast. Ohno throws him to the
mat and hits an elbow in the corner, only to have Trent clothesline
him out to the floor. A BIG dive takes Ohno out but as they get back
up Kassius sends him into the apron to take over again. A knee to
the back of the head gets two and it’s off to the cravate.
the hold is cranked on for a bit, Ohno kicks him in the head and puts
the hold right back on. Riveting stuff. We actually hear the name
Misawa on WWE TV as Regal talks about Ohno revering Misawa in Japan.
Trent comes back with a slap to the face for two and sends Kassius to
the corner.
charges at the ropes and jumps onto the middle one, launching himself
sideways into an elbow in the corner. I’m not sure what was supposed
to happen as the elbow looked like it hit but Ohno was fine and Trent
went down. Maybe Trent hit his head? Anyway, Ohno pounds away some
more but here’s Richie Steamboat with a towel. He throws it into
Ohno’s face, allowing Trent to hit his running knee to the face for
the pin at 6:50.
C. As usual, Trent is fun to
watch and I fail to see what the appeal is of Ohno, especially in
this character. I guess he likes to be violent and physical but
that’s not really much of a character, especially given what Ohno is
capable of. Also his name being Kassius Ohno doesn’t help him much
either. This was a nice job of furthering the Steamboat Ohno feud I
guess, but it needs to wrap up or have them fight soon.
Fox vs. Audrey Marie/Paige
vs. Paige gets us going and Paige hits a quick dropkick. Alicia hits
a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two and a double tag brings in Layla
vs. Audrey, who is looking quite good in white here. After Layla
dances a bit, she takes Audrey down with a rollup for two. Layla
hits a quick kick to the face for two and a kick to the head gets two
as well. Regal points out how rare it is to see two British women
wrestling in WWE.
to Alicia who hits a northern lights suplex for two but Audrey grabs
a quick rollup. The kickout sends her into the corner for the tag to
Paige in a nice spot. Paige comes charging at the freshly tagged in
Layla who clotheslines her down for no cover. Paige picks Layla up
for that fisherman’s DDT of hers but Audrey tags herself in. Paige
and Audrey get in an argument and Layla rolls Audrey up for the pin
at 5:03.
C. It’s amazing what happens
when they treat the Divas like something serious instead of a joke.
The match wasn’t great or anything like that but it was more
entertaining than most of what you get on Raw anymore. Layla is
still pretty annoying, but Paige and Audrey are a breath of fresh air
in the division. This isn’t as good as the match from I think last
week with the girls, but it was still solid.
on the tour of Egypt.
vs. Lincoln Brodrick
is a guy in a hoodie who resembles Boris Zhukov and/or Ivan Koloff.
Brodrick (that’s how it’s spelled in the graphic) is a musclehead who
looks familiar but I can’t place him. Ah apparently he wrestled
under the name Marcus Anthony (his real name and a great wrestling
name) in OVW for awhile.
immediately puts on a front facelock and takes Lincoln to the mat. A
hard clothesline takes Lincoln down and a leg trip does the same
before it’s off to a freaky looking leg lock to make Lincoln tap at
1:08. The best way I can describe the hold is like a Figure Four but
with Bronson’s legs sticking up instead of going down under Lincoln.
Bronson looked awesome here.
throws a fit in the back.
Antonio Cesaro with something to say. He says that he’s the champion
of everyone here because he’s the champion of all America. Cesaro
asks us to stand for the national anthem but most people don’t seem
interested. Instead here’s Tyson Kidd to interrupt him. Tyson makes
fun of Cesaro’s man purse (Cesaro: “IT’S NOT A PURSE!!!”) and
says he wants a title shot right here. Cesaro goes off in some other
language, but Kidd says he’s got something universal. He slaps
Cesaro and the champion bails to the floor.
Slater vs. Seth Rollins
here and Vickie is managing Slater, presumably as a tryout. I’m
assume this is from before the 3MB. JR has replaced that Tony guy on
commentary. Slater shoulderblocks him down to start and a headlock
takeover does the same. Rollins comes back with a chop and Slater
bails to the ropes. Rollins works over the arm and while holding a
wristlock, plays air guitar with it in a funny bit.
heads to the floor and slows things down a bit. A baseball slide
puts Slater on his back in the aisle and Vickie yells at Heath to
win. We take a break and come back with both guys hitting cross
bodies at the same time back in the ring. They slug it out for some
boo/yay time from the audience before Rollins takes over with a
enziguri from the apron staggers Slater and Heath is backdropped to
the floor. There’s a suicide dive to take Slater out and Heath is
reeling. Back in a springboard I think knee to Slater’s head gets
two but Rollins walks into that falling Cutter for two for Heath.
Rollins kicks Heath in the head and hits a standing Sliced Bread #2
for the pin at 6:46 shown of 7:16.
C-. This wasn’t bad but it
never got to the level that you would expect from Rollins. The
problem here is that Rollins is a bigger deal than Slater, who is
arguably the king of jobbers in the WWE. For Rollins, this wasn’t
much of a challenge and the match wasn’t really much to get excited
B-. I liked this show a
lot with the main event being the weakest part. Bronson is a guy
that I’m interested in as he looks tough and dominated in his first
match. On top of that the more Trent Barreta I see the happier I am.
This episode was a nice surprise as things were starting to get a
bit stale with the long running stories.
in a new character helps, as does bringing in the main roster people
to put the NXT guys over. Oh and the new announcer isn’t bad. He
sounds like someone with a lot of announcing experience but not
necessarily in wrestling. Regal had to tell him of a lot of names of
moves and the new guy didn’t sound entirely sure who the wrestlers
were. For a debut though, he sounded fine and didn’t make any
mistakes that I heard.
Clay b. Camacho – Splash
Barreta b. Kassius Ohno – Running Knee to the Face
Fox b. Paige/Audrey Marie – Rollup to Marie
b. Lincoln Brodrick – Inverted Figure Four
Rollins b. Heath Slater – Standing Sliced Bread #2
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