Bruiser Brody……what if? – (and wrestler theme music)

1. As we all know, Bruiser Brody died in 1988 at age 42, but lets say for a moment that he had not – what do you think would have happened to his career? His demise coincided with the dying days of the territories, so would he have gone to WWF? Would he have went to Japan and maybe come back for a promotion like ECW? 

2. Give me a Top 5…….who – in your opinion – has the best musical entrance in Wrestling history? (This question was inspired by CM Punks music – at this point, I wish he would go back to the theme he used until last year)

1.  It would have been awkward as hell trying to pin him with that knife in his gut, I can tell you that.  Oh, wait, you meant something different.  I think he would have stayed in Japan and then retired fairly young.  Berzerker was WWF's attempt to recreate him, so obviously that wouldn't have worked, and I don't see a place for him in WCW.  Maybe a career revival in ECW, but how many bounced checks was he gonna take before he told Paul Heyman to go fuck himself?
2.  DEMOLITION, mofo.