The Politics of the Main Event

Hey Scott, it's your You Don't Know Jack Overlord reaching out to you.

IN THIS CORNER… a charismatic speaker from Chicago with grassroots support; a man who burst onto the scene with his amazing oratory skills that rocked the foundation of what he does to the very core; a man who promised a new era and was sent straight into the highest position based upon his promises; a man who surrounds himself with others who preach his word and openly proclaims his status as a Cult of Personality; a man who, despite being in a position of respect, cannot get it; a man who has had to answer in the past for accusations leveled at him due to who his father is.

IN THIS CORNER… an industry lifer from Massachusetts who had to re-invent himself to get where he is; a man with success at what he does over the past 10 years; a man who wishes to obtain the position held by the Chicagoite; a man who is constantly challenging his Chicago opposition; a man whose moral code is an object of both admiration and scorn; a man who has achieved the change on a smaller level that his opponent promises on a big level.

So… Punk/Cena or Obama/Romney?
You know, I more than hold my own at You Don't Know Jack.  Just because I don't play 18 games a day doesn't mean I'm not awesome at it.  
Anyway, I know nothing about politics outside what people whine about in their Facebook updates, so I'll take your word for this one.  I know Obama is the black guy and Romney is the rich guy and that's about all I can pay attention to.