Random Questions

Hi Scott,

I have a few questions for you, that I was hoping you might be able to shed some light on.

1) Following Wrestlemania X, Lex Luger wrestled Rick Martel on Raw, and during the commentary, Vince McMahon kept hyping what would happen when Lex Luger was able to get his hands on Mr. Perfect in a match. Were there plans for the two to wrestle, following the incident at Wrestlemania X? If so, how come if never happened?

2) Was it ever in the cards for Luger to win the WWF Championship? I know the opinion of the fans at the '94 Rumble during his and Bret's tie saw the crowd massively in favour for Bret, but I'm still surprised that Vince never gave Luger a chance with the belt. I mean, he SHOULD have been the type to be favoured by Vince McMahon, right?

3) Speaking of Bret, I assume his insurance company have been paying him, following his retirement in WCW and such. I don't know if he still gets insurance payments, but if he does, how was it he would have been able to get back in the ring every so often since Wrestlemania 26 without getting into hot water with the insurance company? I know insurance matters might not be your field, but I thought maybe you might have heard something about it.

Thanks in advance,

1.  Yes, they absolutely were supposed to get into a program together, but Perfect once again decided his back injury was too crippling to continue wrestling, and never followed through with it.  Coincidentally, he also started collecting a large sum of money from Lloyds of London.  
2.  It was in the cards in 1993, certainly, but by Royal Rumble they had cooled on Luger significantly and Bret was pretty much set in stone to get the belt again.  But yes, the original (second) plan was for Luger to win at Summerslam by countout, and then take the belt at Wrestlemania.  The ORIGINAL original plan was Luger winning at Summerslam, but they decided to stretch it out until Wrestlemania. Whoops.
3.  Insurance companies no longer cover wrestlers, mainly because Mr. Perfect f----- Lloyds over so badly in fact.  So no, as far as I know Bret was not collecting insurance after his retirement.