Sorry Guys

Apologies for missing the last couple of RAW open thread posts and thanks for those who have picked up the slack.

Last week was no excuse, it was a date night and I forgot. Last night, however, I was actually typing my note when I got a call saying Mr. Princess and the heir to the Throne were in a car accident. Car was totaled but luckily Mr. Princess only had a broken arm and a couple of shards of glass lodged into his leg. The heir has some pretty nasty neck and back spasms and a broken rib.

Luckily they will be fine. Unfortunately the young couple that hit them aren’t doing as well. Neither were wearing their seat beats and both suffered some head trauma. I think the guy is still in ICU and the girl might have gotten moved out this morning but they were both in bad shape. So whenever you drive, please buckle up, it’s annoying I know, but it only takes a second and just think about the people that love you.