Bam Bam

Is there a reason Bam Bam never got some sort of generic six-month feud with Hogan (or Savage, or later on Bret or Nash) during his initial run? A big intimidating heel, athletic, always seemed to have pretty good heat, etc. Certainly Vince has made more with less. What gives!!

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Bigelow coming in as a babyface in 87 was always kind of puzzling to me, because really why would you need a #3 babyface behind Hogan and Savage anyway?  Hogan headlines one run of shows, Savage headlines the other, boom, no one else needed.  A role as the #1 heel doing a run with either one would have made way more sense and made either guy way more money.  Unless it was something like Vince knowing that Hogan was taking time off in 88 and looking for a replacement besides Savage.  Kind of a moot point because they had their falling out early in 88 anyway and Bigelow jumped to the NWA.  
As for the second WWF run, I think it was really just a case of Bigelow's star fading quickly and him just not being a guy that Vince was interested in pushing to the top anymore.  Clearly he wasn't terribly inspired to greatness working with the likes of Doink and Tatanka, although who would be at that point?  I'm sure he could have had a decent run with Nash, but he just that midcarder stink on him and it's hard to get that off without a total reinvention of the character.