Superman For All Seasons

I just finished re-reading this the other day, and as a big dc-head, I wanted to ask you about it.  Have you read it?  In my opinion, its a tremendous read and hits the superman character pitch-perfect.  Even though he was born on another planet and has amazing powers, he was raised as an all-american farmboy with humble beginnings.  Its maybe a million times more interesting a character than whatever weirdo loner that Morrison has turned him into.  People love post crisis superman up until Death of Superman.  I just don't understand why DC would allow Morrison to totally regress their second biggest character.  Anyway, I digress.  Have you read Superman For All Seasons and what did you think?

Yes, although All-Star Superman is still by far one of the greatest interpretations of the character ever, I'd say.  And that's Morrison at his best, doing it as a love letter to the Silver Age in 12 issues.  Although really the current run on Action Comics is pretty awesome; it's the revolving door creative teams on Superman that are killing the character for me.  But yeah, For All Seasons was a tremendous read, not doing anything particularly new or exciting with the character but just a damn fine Superman comic.  I'd also recommend the JLA Elseworlds mini The Nail for a similar take on the character.