Eaton/Havoc 91

I have a feeling I've asked about this before – and forgive me if I have – but your Halloween Havoc 91 rant reminded me about this.

What was up with the Bobby Eaton heel turn in '91? They had just turned him face a few months prior with the York Foundation angle, gave him the TV title for a bit before he lost it to Austin, and then out of the blue, he's introduced as a member of the Dangerous Alliance alongside both Austin and Arn Anderson (whom he beat for the title in the first place). Any insight into this?

In a related question: during the Eaton face turn, I remember a TV match that started out as an Eaton vs. Buddy Landell singles match and switched into an Eaton/Zenk vs. Landell/Taylor tag match halfway through. Anyone else remember that or know where to find it? It's the first time I remember seeing a singles match changed to a tag match partway through.

I definitely remember the tag match for some strange reason, possibly because 1991 was the first time we were able to get TBS and I was all excited to be watching WCW at the time or something.  However, I have no specific insight on the Eaton turn.  I would suspect it was just that Eaton likes working as a heel better, plus he wasn't particularly over in that babyface role anyway.  And wouldn't you want to be tag champions with Anderson rather than facing him for the TV Title?  I know which way I'd vote.