Bane bischoff

Hey there.i don't know why this randomly popped into my head weeks after the fact, but yeah. There was that episode of impact where hogan and sting get kidnapped and taken to a&8s tree fort or whatever, they're sitting there talking to voice modulated leader dude in person, shouldn't his voice have come through clear as day? That mask isn't big enough to have any sort of reamplification device in it. Is leader dude a robot? And yeah, dude was also babbling 3 ft away from joseph parks for a few weeks….

There is so much wrong with that angle.  Yeah, that's one of the most ridiculously egregious examples.  I'm getting annoyed that apparently we're only ever gonna get one unmasking a MONTH at this rate, maybe less.  Devon's not the leader, and because it's TNA there's another three levels of leadership that have yet to be revealed.  It reminds me of the last couple of seasons of True Blood, where every time you THINK we've progressed as far up the vampire chain of command as we can go, they find ANOTHER shadowy figure who's actually been running the heel side all along.  And True Blood is awesome, so normally I don't even have a problem with that sort of goofy nonsense.  But really, they should have just said "OK, it was Devon" and moved on.