Do I have something here?

Hey, Scott

I generally abhor armchair booking, BUT I have been entertaining this idea, because I am kinda wondering if they may actually do this.

Punk vs. Ryback at HIAC. Match is going…whatever. Ryback looks as if he is going in for the kill. Suddenly, Lesnar comes out from under the ring. Maybe a stare down, a collision,  destruction. Lesnar costs Ryback the title. Punk retains, and keeps it until Rock. The natural stable between Heyman clients is formed. Heyman one ups Vince. Ryback has a monster to try and hunt down in  a big time feud that can be stretched out for a month or two maybe. 

I dunno…am I really, really wrong, or is this not a bad idea? I am a little murky on what they would do with Ryback after he would be done with Lesnar though. Seems unlikely that he would be dominated by OR dominate Lesnar. I suppose a returning HHH can cost Lesnar a win over Ryback in a couple of months to set the table for Trips/Lesnar II at Mania, but that seems…not right. And of course, I haven't really taken into account the whole limited number of Lesnar appearances thing, because I really don't know how many he has left. Anyway, do I have ANYTHING here?

I think that scenario leading up to Punk/Lesnar v. Ryback/Cena at Survivor Series is absolutely not the worst idea in the world.  I also think that using Lesnar to make Ryback is not the worst idea in the world, because at least that's using Lesnar to put over a NEW star.  However, I once again would like to stress that we haven't seen Ryback in a match that has run longer than about 2 minutes yet, and if he goes out there and completely craps the bed against Punk on PPV the push could end the night after.  So it's dangerous to lock yourself into that kind of longer-term booking with an unknown quantity like Ryback.  Honestly, this would be the time where I'd want to (say it with me) let it play out and see where it goes first.  If Ryback can have a good match and carries himself well, then roll the dice with him.  If not, there's no sense in wasting Brock's appearances on trying to get something out of him.  This show is going to TANK without Cena anyway so there's no point in panicking about it any further.  But I'm sure they will.