WCW Worldwide 5/15/1993

Taped from Montgomery, AL
Airdate: May 15, 1993
Hosted by Tony Schiavone and Jesse “The Body” Ventura


Our monthly installment of WCW Worldwide from Classics On Demand brings us the third week of the Computer Contender’s Challenge. This week Dustin Rhodes defends the US Heavyweight title against “Ravishing” Rick Rude. Also, we find out more about Kensuke Sasaki’s mysterious injury. In addition, The Hollywood Blonds will be the special guests on “A Flair for the Gold.” To top all of that the move that may have ended Cactus Jack’s career will be shown! I wonder what happened to that guy.
Match 1: Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart versus Mustafa Saied
Holy inter-promotional match-ups, Batman! Although Neidhart was probably here due to cost-cutting moves by the WWF in 1993 Mustafa probably had not (allegedly) committed his first felony yet. They immediately lock up in the corner. Neidhart gives a clean break and receives a kick to the gut for his sportsmanship. Mustafa hammers him twice then cross-corner whips him. Neidhart springs out of the corner with a clothesline. After a couple of body slams Neidhart whips him off the ropes and delivers a double axehandle. Surprisingly Neidhart then applies a cobra clutch. Nick Patrick raises Saied’s arm three times and calls for the bell. Neidhart wins by submission. DUD
Tony interviews Jim Neidhart.
In our first installment of the WCW Magazine Tony Gilliam promotes Slamboree and then offers comments from the WCW World Heavyweight Champion Big Van Vader. Harley Race stands next to Vader and informs us that while HE is a legend Vader is the future. These two had better stay away from conventions .
Tony and Jesse are on camera and mention Kensuke Sasaki’s injury that prevented him from making his #1 contender’s match against Dustin Rhodes this week. Next they discuss the Cactus Jack situation. Highlights from WCW Saturday Night are shown where Vader powerbombs Cactus on the concrete floor. Cactus Jack is then placed on a gurney and hauled to a nearby ambulance.  A small pouch is removed from the top rope as well. Afterwards Tony mentions that Colonel Rob Parker is seeking talent. He observed “Heavy Metal” Van Hammer but passed on him. Not so surprisingly I concur with his reasoning. 
Match 2: Ron Simmons versus Fred Avery
As the bell rings a split-screen promo by “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff is shown. While holding his World TV belt he runs down Ron Simmons. Meanwhile Avery has the initial upper hand, but Simmons fires back and slams him twice. He picks him up only to send him face-first to the mat. Simmons mounts the top rope and nails Avery with the super-shoulderblock for the pin. “Don’t Step to Ron” plays us to commercial. DUD
We are one week away from Slamboree ’93 so here is the Slamboree Control Center with Eric Bischoff. He states the event that will emanate from the Omni in Atlanta on May 23. The matches include:
·         For the WCW World Heavyweight title Big Van Vader versus “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith
·         For the NWA title Barry Windham versus “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson
·         For the WCW World Tag Team titles The Hollywood Blonds versus Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas in a steel cage
·         On “A Flair for the Gold” Ric Flair will have a surprise guest
·         Maxx Payne will play his guitar “Norma Jean.”
·         Also 3 matches involving the legends will take place
Bischoff introduces Gordon Solie. First, he informs us that “Bullet” Bob Armstrong will be in attendance. Second, Barry Owens will also attend. Third, Grizzly Smith, father of Jake “The Snake” Roberts, will also be at Slamboree. Lastly, Ole Anderson will make his presence felt. Highlights of “The Rock” Ole Anderson teaming with Gene Anderson are shown.
Besides the matches already mentioned Scott “Flash” Norton will face Sting. “Ravishing” Rick Rude and “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff will wrestle against Dustin Rhodes and Kensuke Sasaki. Will Sasaki’s mysterious shoulder injury be healed in time for Slamboree? Buy the PPV to find out! Better yet my PPV report will clue you in next month.
Match 3: Scott “Flash” Norton versus Johnny Gunn
Before Johnny Gunn can remove his jacket and turn around Norton ambushes him. After an Irish whip he gives Gunn a Samoan Drop. After another Irish whip he powerslams Gunn (still wearing his jacket) and pins him. DUD
Jesse interviews Scott Norton. According to Scott respect will be taken in his match against Sting.
“A Flair for the Gold”
As usual Flair gives us our weekly dose of “Woo!” Fifi gives him a glass of wine as Flair introduces Arn Anderson sitting at the bar. Before Flair introduces the tag team champions he lets Fifi “walk that aisle one more time.” As Flair promotes the PPV a doorbell is being rung constantly. Missy Hyatt storms onto the set and is apparently mad at Flair for leaving her on the side of the road. Arn throws a good zinger at her: “Missy, we are aware of your many talents…and you’re a pretty good reporter too.” She tells Arn that even on his best day he could never be a sixty minute man. She notifies Anderson and Flair that they haven’t seen the last of her as she flings her shoes at them.
The Hollywood Blonds are introduced. Austin compliments Flair’s stage set then calls him an old man. Pillman feels like he’s at a museum. Austin refers to Arn as a statue. While Pillman notes that Flair is a seven-time champion Flair corrects him with “nine times.” He then asks Flair for an autograph for his great grandmother who is a big fan. Austin mentions Flair and Anderson being members of the “Four Horsebacks” before Flair corrects him. Austin says the Four Horsemen were part of the past and the Hollywood Blonds are the team of the 90s. Pillman runs down the legends and says that they will bring them a hot cooked meal and mentions that AA will be first in line at the buffet. Arn takes exception to that comment.  Flair tries to play peacemaker, but Austin lumps Flair in with the legends. Flair removes his sport coat and chases the Blonds off-stage screaming “this is my show!”
In our second installment of WCW Magazine Tony Gilliam mentions the tag match involving “Ravishing” Rick Rude and “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff versus Dustin Rhodes and Kensuke Sasaki. Orndorff cuts a promo about being called “Paula”, tagging with Rude, and then possibly wrestling Rude at a later date.
Match 4 for the US Heavyweight Championship: “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes (champion) versus “Ravishing” Rick Rude
Rude enters the ring, cuts the music, and tells the “Montgomery meatheads” via Gary Michael Cappetta they’re not worth wasting his breath on and demands respect. Rhodes’ shoulder is taped. Rude lays in the trash-talkin’ to Dustin before they start. Probably he poked fun at his polka-dot-wearin’ daddy. They tussle into the corner and Patrick has a tough time separating them. They lock up to the corner and Rude drives his shoulder into the midsection a few times. After nailing him with a forearm he cross-corner whips Rhodes so hard that Dustin falls flat on his back immediately afterward.
Rude continues his offense with a forearm to the back. Again he cross-corner whips him and Rhodes falls to his knees. After Dustin gets to his feet Rude gives him two more shoulders to the midsection. However, when he attempts a third try Rhodes gives him a kneelift.  Rhodes mounts the second turnbuckle and clotheslines Rude to the mat for a 2 count. Rude escapes and goes to the corner, but Rhodes cross-corner whips him. Rude’s back is now hurt. Another cross-corner whip by Rhodes adds more pain to Rude’s back.
A third cross-corner whip by Rhodes leads to a gutwrench suplex and another 2 count. He whips Rude off the ropes and gives him a back body drop. To maintain control Rhodes applies a reverse chinlock. After thwarting a counter Dustin switches to a headlock. If this was for the TV title I’d say we’re headed for a time-limit draw. As Rhodes continues with another reverse chinlock we go to commercial.
When we return Rude has Rhodes in a bear hug. A Bionic, Jr. elbow to the top of the head breaks the hold for Rhodes. Unfortunately the respite was brief as Rude reapplies the bear hug. Why are these guys using wear-down holds when they certainly can perform at a higher level? Tony questions Rude’s tactics since he isn’t working on the taped shoulder. Jesse of course comes to Rude’s defense.
In order to break the hold this time Rhodes bites Rude’s nose. Rhodes tries to slam him, but his shoulder won’t allow him. Instead Rude tries to give him a vertical suplex, but his back acts up. A double clothesline puts both men on the mat. After both men get to their feet Rhodes attempts a lariat, misses, and gets caught by a Rude powerslam.  It gets a 2 count.
Rude gives him a knee to the back of the neck and mounts the top rope. A top rope kneedrop nails Rhodes in the back of the neck and achieves another 2 count. Rude picks him up for a backbreaker, switches to a tombstone, but Rhodes counters for his own tombstone piledriver for a 2 count.
Rhodes mounts the top turnbuckle and tries a double-axehandle, but Rude counters with a boot to the face. A hard clothesline puts Rhodes on the mat. A shot to the shoulder enables Rude to return to the top rope. I’m not sure what he was going for but as he jumps Rhodes ducks underneath him. He then catches Rude with a DDT. That gets another 2 count.
Rhodes whips Rude off the ropes and hooks the sleeper. Shortly thereafter Rude uses a jawbreaker to counter. Another jawbreaker by Rude. Yet again Rude climbs to the top rope, but Rhodes catches him and slams him face-first to the mat. An Irish whip acts as a disguise for Rhodes to work on Rude’s arm. He whips Rude again and pancakes him.
Rude takes control with a thumb to the eye. He then whips Rhodes in a full circle straight into the referee. Nick Patrick is out cold on the concrete floor. Rude tries to schoolboy Rhodes and gets a six count but no referee is available. As both men get to their feet Rhodes charges and Rude backdrops him over the top rope out of the ring. Since the referee still isn’t available no DQ is forthcoming.
Randy Anderson makes his way to check on Patrick. When Rhodes gets on the apron Rude attempts to suplex him back in. Rhodes escapes and rolls Rude up getting a 2 count from a tardy Randy Anderson. Rude tries a clothesline, misses, and gets caught with a belly-to-back suplex. Both men’s shoulders are down on the mat. Anderson counts 3 as Rude lifts his left shoulder. He awards the US belt to Rude and raises his hand. On the replay Dustin got his left shoulder up as well in plain sight of Nick Patrick who entered the ring prior to the suplex. **1/2
Tony says they will try to clear up the controversy next week.
While not a classic the US title match had enough drama and intrigue to appreciate this show. In spite of the slow pace the wrestlers sold their injuries and it played a part in the outcome. Only one more show remains until Slamboree. In the next episode Barry Windham will defend the NWA title against Johnny B. Badd. Also a special announcement on “A Flair for the Gold” will be forthcoming. Stay tuned!
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