TNA Raid


I'm sure Vince McMahon and WWE do not consider TNA "competition" in any real sense, nor should they.  They do not compete head-to-head and are in an entirely different stratosphere in terms of media and business model.  However, given Vince's history of raiding competition, can you see him trying to do that to TNA just for the sake of it?  TNA has picked up some steam in terms of a niche audience and he certainly isn't looking over his shoulder in any sense, but could you see him throwing big contract offers at top guys just to keep TNA way beneath him?  Or just to be a bully like the old days?

Nah, I think Vince is past the point of doing stuff like that to be an ass now that he's apparently more worried about Mattel bailing on their toy deal and/or launching a new show for every night of the week to be concerned with petty things like talent acquisition.  If there was ever a time that sort of thing was going to happen it was during the Flair/Morgan contract thingie earlier this year, and nothing came of it, so I doubt anything will.