ROH TV–10.14.12

by Adam Curry ROH TV 10-14-12 Back with this week’s edition of ROH TV, lineup tonight has Kevin Steen against Rhett Titus for the ROH World Title, and more Survival of the Fittest qualifiers with Davey Richards taking on Mike Bennett and Jay Lethal facing Tommaso Ciampa. And, of course, ROH held the Glory by Honor iPPV on Saturday night. I haven’t seen the show so I can’t really comment on it, other than to say that I think the right people went over for the most part. From what I can tell the reaction to it has been 100% positive, and more importantly the show went off without any technical problems. The TV tapings are in the can for at least another 2 weeks after tonight’s show though, so let’s just get to it. We open with clips from Adam Cole/Tadarius Thomas last week, edited with the spots out of order from the actual match to make it look better. C’mon guys, that’s just bush right there… Mike Bennett (w/ Maria Kanellis and Bob Evans) vs. Davey Richards: Richards nearly wins it right off the bat with a kick to the head and a rollup. To the corner with some knees to the face, an avalanche and a clothesline get 2, and Richards goes straight from that to an anklelock. Bennett makes the ropes and ducks outside to hide behind Maria. Richards chases him around the outside and runs into a cheapshot from Brutal Bob. Bennett hits some pretty good looking punches, but Richards comes back with more knees and sends Bennett to the guardrail, followed up with a boot to the face. Back in and Richards taunts Maria while doing and Indian deathlock. Bennett to the ropes and then an elbow, and now Richards takes a powder. Bennett with some chops on the outside, an attempt to ram Richards into the post is reversed, but Bennett catches himself and a blind charge leads to Richards getting dropped back-first onto the apron as we cut to commercial. Back from the break as Bennett gets 2 off a clothesline and goes to the headlock. They slug it out with some decent looking forearms, and Richards runs into a superkick. It gets 2. Vertical suplex gets 2, and Bennett stars working the back. McGuiness is getting into late-90s Jerry Lawler territory here with his commentary on Maria, even going so far as to say “I always wanted to see her pussy”, which obviously gets bleeped. They slug it out again and Bennett gets clotheslined to the floor, and Richards follows him out with a dive through the ropes. Back in with a missile dropkick from Richards, but he eats boot on a blind charge. He comes back with an enziguri for 2. Out to the apron now, and a Richards kick finds the ringpost. Back in and now Bennett with the anklelock, but Richards reverses into a rollup for 2. As expected, Richards just stops selling the ankle injury (reminding me why he’s my least favorite of the ROH regulars), hits a suplex, and boots Bob Evans in the face from the apron. Richards with a stomp to the back from the top and back to the anklelock AGAIN. Bennett rolls out of it and sends Richards to the ropes and a punch from Maria, which the camera misses. And now here’s Mike Mondo to distract Bennett, and a kick to the face finishes it for Richards at 9:44 shown. I really could have done without that finish, and hopefully the Mondo/Bennett feud is over with the match at the PPV. *1/2, they couldn’t seem to decide if they wanted to do a straight match or a brawl and the finish sucked. And of course now Richards starts selling the ankle again… R.D. Evans brings out Tommaso Ciampa on crutches and cuts his usual shitty promo. He claims Ciampa has a torn ACL, but the fact that he throws down the crutches and walks around on it says otherwise. He says “You know what you have to do when a thoroughbred breaks his leg, you shoot him” and brings out QT Marshall. Oh, great… Evans hits Ciampa from behind with the crutch and he and Marshall go after the knee. So Marshall takes Ciampa’s spot against Lethal. F---… QT Marshall vs. Jay Lethal: A superkick and a springboard dropkick send Marshall to the floor, and Lethal follows him out with the Bret Hart dive through the ropes. Brief brawling on the outside, and then back in as they work each other over in the corner. Baaaaaaack body drop and a cartwheel dropkick each get 2 for Jay. He stomps on Evan’s hands and tosses Marshall out and into him, but an attempted highspot is cut off by Marshall with a tilt-a-whirl slam. He takes over with his shitty offense, and Evans chokes out Lethal while Marshall distracts the ref. Lethal misses a blind charge and tries the pin with his feet on the ropes, but the ref sees it. Backdrop suplex gets 2 for Marshall. Jay makes the comeback with some chopping and punching and hits a SWEET springboard elbow. He gets flapjacked however, and a clothesline gets 2. He starts playing to the crowd and ends up taking a superkick and the Lethal Combination. Serves him right. Jay goes to the top and Evans hops up on the apron to run interference, and here’s Prince Nana out to attack Evans. Lethal Injection on the distracted Marshall ends it at 6:40 to send Lethal into the Survival of the Fittest match with Richards and Adam Cole. Didn’t we just see that finish in the last match? *, Lethal tried, but Marshall is just useless. Quick promo from Adam Cole hyping his PPV match. Inside ROH: Just hype for the already-happened PPV. Truth Martini, Rhino, and Michael Elgin cut separate promos furthering Elgin’s face turn from last week. Steve Corino joins us for commentary, and we see clips of Kevin Steen bitch-slapping a fan. ROH World Title: Rhett Titus (w/BJ Whitmer) vs. Kevin Steen (C) (w/Jimmy Jacobs): I have no idea how Titus earned this title shot, as he’s not even a singles wrestler. Titus attacks Steen as soon as he gets through the curtain and they brawl outside for a while. Titus tosses Steen into the ring to start the match proper, and they continue with some more punchy-kicky stuff. Steen bails to the floor after a dropkick, and Titus hits a somersault dive onto Steen and Jacobs. Corino, as usual, is great on commentary arguing with McGuiness and Kelly. Back in a fameasser gets 2 for Titus, but Steen tosses Titus to the apron and hits an ugly (in a good way) DDT through the ropes. Steen goes to the top and Titus catches him, but ends up getting crotched and put into the tree of woe, and Steen hits a cannonball. Steen stomps away, Titus comes back with kicks and a corner clothesline gets 2. They head back outside and an attempted rana leads to a powerbomb on the ring apron by Steen. Back in for a 2 count, then Steen misses the moonsault. Jacobs tries to hand Steen a spike but Whitmer takes him out and Titus ends up with it. The ref stops him from using it, and Steen hits a F5 for the pin at 6:42. **, OK but too short to really get anything going. Not a terrible show, but just felt kind of flat, and the shitty finishes didn’t help. Next week sees Homicde vs. Roderick Strong, Mike Mondo vs. Kyle O’Riley, and Rhino vs. Michael Elgin in Survival of the Fittest qualifiers to round out the match, which we’ll see in 2 weeks.