Halftime Heat


In 1999, the WWF ran the Rock vs. Mankind title match on “Halftime Heat” during the SuperBowl.  At the time, wrestling was red-hot and that seemed a pretty smart stunt to try at the time.  However, we never saw it again (as far as I recall).  Did it just bomb in the ratings?  Bad P.R.?  I have no idea who performed at Halftime for that Superbowl but if just a handful of viewers switched over to see Rock-Foley and, more importantly, the WWF gets mentioned during the Superbowl, it seemed a worthwhile endeavor.  What gives?
It cost them a lot of money and it BOMBED in the ratings.  I don’t think anyone is foolish enough to counterprogram the Superbowl now, even Vince McMahon.  

Edit:  Apparently “bombed” was too strong a word.  I guess I meant “scored a giant rating”.  I always get those two confused.