BFG 2012

Goddamn, what a gigantic difference between wrestling quality and booking quality on this otherwise awesome show.  I didn't feel like ranting tonight because this seemed more like the "sit back and enjoy" type of show, but here's the quick rundown:

  1. RVD beats Zema Ion to put him out of his misery in a nothing match.  Whatever, it's something new for the belt.  **  Crowd was super hot and made it a very fun opener, though.
  2. Joe beats Magnus to retain in a short but entertaining match where I think the crowd helped it out a lot.  Magnus has got SOMETHING and I kind of think they should have had him go over.  Maybe he'll beat RVD for the X title, I dunno.  Fast-paced and entertaining, although there wasn't really any significant offense from Magnus before Joe got his pair of chokes and made him tap.  **1/2  
  3. James Storm beats Bobby Roode in a bloody street fight, the kind of crazy over the top brawl that's fine to do once a year but used to get burned out by Vince Russo.  As noted in the live thread, I LOVED this match.  I was hanging on the near-falls and emotion, cheering for Storm finally kicking Roode's ass once and for all, and it had the perfect finish with Storm smashing the beer bottle on his head and then finishing him with the superkick into the tacks.  FEUD OVER.  Now I never want to see them wrestle again.  Although what's the point of a special enforcer in a match with no rules?  ****1/2  However, this was DEATH to follow by the next few matches.  
  4. Joey Ryan beats Al Snow to win his contract.  Well, duh.  Ryan looked competent here and obviously Snow isn't the same guy he was 15 years ago or even 10, but fans didn't really know what to do with Ryan's act and were mainly into the Head chants.  Matt Morgan returns here instead of being saved for the A&8s angle for some reason.  Well hey, they could always use a sleazy little guy teaming with a big muscle head act, couldn't they?  *1/2  
  5. Chavo & Hernandez win the tag titles over Kazarian & Daniels and AJ & Angle.  What a strange choice of team to go over.  They had already dominated the singles matches leading up to the show and the champs were killing it week after week and there was literally no reason to change the belts here.  Kaz took some SICK bumps, one in particular to the outside that I thought was going to end his night, and the ending felt pretty flat with the Border Toss into the frog splash for the clean win.  The action leading up to it was INSANE, however, and this would have been a show-stealing classic on the last couple of shows.  ****  
  6. Tara beats Tessmacher clean with the Widow's Peak to win the Knockouts title.  Not much to this one, and the big reveal of her "Hollywood boyfriend" was the first of two big letdowns tonight.  At least it wasn't Eric Young, I guess, although that would have had funnier storyline possibilities.  Really, Frank Eudy from this season's Big Brother would have been the guy to throw money at, but I don't think he wants anything to do with wrestling, whereas Jesse Godderz has been unabashedly trying to make it to WWE since his season of the show.  He's a good slimeball heel, although I don't think anyone knows who he is yet.  Trust me, you'll hate him soon enough if you didn't watch him on the show.  Match was like *1/2.
  7. The Aces & 0.8s (tm Meltzer) beat Sting & Bully Ray in a match where amazingly NO ONE TURNED ON ANYONE.  Good enough silly brawling tag match that didn't really overstay its welcome, unlike the angle itself.  Joseph Park gets his big hero spot in and then REVEREND DEVON is revealed as the leader after Hulk Hogan takes out 17 guys with one punch each.  Honestly, the payoff kind of makes sense within the internal logic of the angle, but this wasn't the type of reveal where you wanted fans to be chanting "THE PAYOFF KIND OF MAKES SENSE WITHIN THE INTERNAL LOGIC OF THE ANGLE!", you know?  Actually, I'd like to see them try that.  I think it was Drew Gallows & Mike Knox working the match tonight, and I don't see why they didn't just unmask everyone and be done with it.  **  
  8. Jeff Harvey beats Austin Aries to win another title that he can pawn for amphetamines.  The match was awesome, but why would you build the promotion around a former drug addict with a jail record who's openly talking about leaving the company?!?  Like, does he need to violate a restraining order against his ex and get arrested five times in the same week for this company to take the hint that MAYBE this isn't the guy who should be on top?  Hearing the reaction I would have called an audible and had Aries beat him with that brainbuster, but this isn't a company that's about calling audibles unless it's to screw over James Storm and/or Bobby Roode.  Hardy can still work at least, but why turn Aries heel on the show before the PPV and then immediately blow off his heat by beating him?  I just do not get this at all.  ****1/2  
So yeah, HUGE thumbs up for the wrestling, no question.  But I do not feel good about the direction of the company after tonight.  Dixie is blinded by Hulk and Hardy and reality TV stars and it's showing in the ratings now.  Fingers crossed that this leads somewhere better on Thursday.