ROH TV Review 10.7.12

by Adam Curry ROH TV 10-7-12 Whit Ryan Murphy working trough some personal issues I’ll be taking over the ROH TV rants for a little while. Seeing as how this is just a temporary gig I won’t bother going through my whole backstory of wrestling fandom, most BofD regulars probably know me by now anyway. So let’s just get to it. ROH TV airs on Sunday night in my market, so this is last week’s show, this week’s will be up sometime Monday. Survival of the Fittest Qualifier: Adam Cole vs. Tadarius Thomas. The Survival of the Fittest is a kind of mini tournament, with 6 qualifying matches, the winners advance to a 6-man match to crown the champ, who gets a title shot whenever he wants it. Right away we see the problems with the ROH taping schedule, as the winner was crowned (and the results posted online) before this even aired. I won’t spoil it for those who don’t already know. Cole is the TV champ, though the title isn’t on the line here. After his terrible showing a few weeks back I’m frankly shocked that Thomas is still with the company, though his opponent in that match (QT Marshall) sucks, so let’s see if he can do better against a decent worker. Lock up and basic wrestling sequence to start, then Thomas flips out of an ugly rana. McGuiness pushes Thomas’ capoeira background (a Brazilian sort of dance-fighting), which in the wrestling sense means dancing around and lots of crappy kicking. More basic stuff, then Cole hooks a Northern lights suplex for 2. Shoulder block and a great neckbreaker each get 2, then Thomas hits a legsweep to take over. He hits some nice looking kicks (already looking far better than his first match), but Cole responds with a beautiful jumping enziguri that only gets a 1 count. Shoulder breaker by Cole gets 2, and now Thomas goes into the stupid dancing kicks, a lot of which barely make contact, and a running neckbreaker sends Cole to the outside. Thomas does the highspot fake-out, but an ax-handle from the apron earns him a kick to the ribs. He does manage to sunset flip his way back in for 2. Figure-four by Cole is blocked, he hits a kick to the head (incorrectly called a superkick by Kevin Kelly for the second time in about 30 seconds) and the Florida Key (German suplex) finish it for Cole. **, far better outing for Thomas this time around, though he needs A LOT of work if he hopes to advance anywhere beyond the level of ROH job guy. He was working pretty loose here too, which is a bit of a problem when his whole offense is kicking. Quick but funny Briscoe Boys promo hyping the PPV Fusion DS (Stevie Dragon & Pat Saigon) vs. Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Hass. Sign in crowd: “Push Fusion DS”. McGuiness calls the WGTT “wankers”, reminding me why he’s my favorite commentator these days. But first, Rhett Titus joins us, sends Fusion DS packing, and challenges the WGTT to a match. BJ Whitmer attacks Haas from behind, so we get: Rhett Titus and BJ Whitmer vs. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. Brawling inside and out to start off, Shelton gets left alone in the ring and takes a backdrop suplex from Whitmer. Tag to Titus, who gets backdropped to the apron. He tries to springboard back in, but Haas hooks his legs and the WGTT pound him on the outside to take over. Back in, Shelton tags and they hit a double-team gutbuster. Tree of woe by Haas, and Benjamin chokes out Titus behind the ref’s back. Haas misses the Kevin Nash “legdrop the guy’s back while he’s sprawled on the second rope” bit and Titus gets the hot tag (at about a minute and a half in?) Exploder suplex on Hass, spinebuster on Benjamin (now the legal man), Haas makes the save. Titus dumps him, Shelton misses an avalanche and gets rolled up for the pin. *1/2, at barely over 2 minutes this was way too short to be of any worth. WGTT do a beat-down after the match, including the dreaded ringpost ballshot on Whitmer. Inside ROH: Kelly runs down the PPV that’s going on as I type this. We cut to an interview with Maria Kanellis, which is interrupted by Mike Mondo, who grabs her and kisses her and walks off. Clips of a Davey Richards promo from last week, and a quick promo from Jay Lethal hyping the Lethal/Richards match at the PPV. Clips showing Tommaso Ciampa’s “knee injury” from Boiling Point, his manager R.D. Evans tells us he’s fine with a brutally bad promo. Kevin Kelly brings out S.C.U.M. Kevin Steen is wearing a “Kevin F’N Steen” shirt that could easily lead to a lawsuit from WWE if they were so inclined. Steen calls out Michael Elgin, who comes out with Truth Martini, or Willie Wanker as McGuiness calls him. They continue to tease the House of Truth/Elgin breakup and eventual face turn for Elgin. Steen cuts a good promo (most of WWE, especially the people that script the promos, could take a few pointers from this), Elgin retorts with a punch to the face. He holds his own against S.C.U.M. for a little while, but a belt shot by Steen turns the tide. Roderick Strong comes out but just stands there, and finally Rhyno and the former Headbangers make the save. Interview in the back with Mike Bennett leads to Maria complaining about Mike Mondo. This segment, and the one with Maria earlier, were both pretty useless. ROH Tag Team Title: Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs (C) vs. Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander. Coleman and Alexander had a ****+ match with the Young Bucks a few weeks ago on the same show that had that terrible Marshall/Thomas match, so this could be pretty good. Jacobs has the worst nickname I’ve ever heard for a wrestler, “The Zombie Princess”. Corino has ditched the peroxide blonde hair again. Coleman starts off on Jacobs with some punching. Jacobs hits a jawbreaker to make the tag, but Coleman takes right over on Corino. Alexander gets a blind tag and they hit a cool-looking spinebuster-axe kick combo. Alexander then misses… I dunno, something off the top that missed by about 8 feet. I don’t know if that was a mis-communication or what, but it was really weird looking. Jacobs back in now and he works the back and neck, then does the bit where he mimics a dog pissing on Alexander. Funny stuff. Lots of quick tags from the heel side as we cut to commercial. Back from the break as we see Alexander trying to make the comeback on the heel side, but he knocks heads with Jacobs, sending Jacobs to the floor and Alexander to the mat for a Corino 2 count. A Jacobs senton finds Alexander’s knees, and the hot tag is made. STO on Corino, but a blind charge on Jacobs misses. Jacobs goes for the double-stomp in the corner, but Coleman fights back and goes with a rolling Northern lights suplex. Corino tries to break it up on the third one, but a kick to gut leads to a double Northern lights. It gets 2 on Jacobs. Corino gets sent to the outside, and Coleman hits a great springboard dive to the outside. Lots of hangtime there, then Alexander hits a running somersault dive to the heels on the floor. Top rope legdrop gets 2 on Jacobs, and then they badly f--- up Total Elimination on Corino. Rana and a sweet frog splash on Jacobs, but Corino hits Coleman with a roll of quarters right in full view of the ref for the DQ. ***1/2, good energy, good amount of highspots, and some laugh-out-loud moments make for a fun match. Michael Elgin makes the save and shakes hands with Coleman and Alexander. I guess that’s your face turn. Good thing too, a heel vs. heel main event on 2 PPVs in a row would be pretty silly. Good show here, I can’t really think of anything to bitch about. Next week: Steen vs. Titus for the ROH title, plus more Survival of the Fittest with Davey Richards vs. Mike Bennett and Jay Lethal vs. Tommaso Ciampa.