Hey Scott, long-time first time etc,

I was a big fan of the early ECW work of Matt Borne as Borne Again.
The concept of corporate gimmickry breaking a man was fascinating, but
unfortunately Matt Borne was too perfect for the role.  Yay substance

Anyway, it seems to me WWE are so far dropping the ball on Brodus
Clay.  I'm just assuming that they'll continue to do so and think
'ReClay', a disheveled Funkasaurus would be a captivating heel.  Give
him some ugly dancing girls, bad pyro effects and a hellacious man
streak and I think he could really do something.

I think they've basically given up on Brodus now because they ran out of ideas past "Come out and dance and squash dudes" and couldn't find the ??? to get them to "Profit".  It kind of speaks to the danger of relying on a win streak to get someone over and then beating them early on, because once they don't have that streak anymore, creative runs out of ideas.  Either you gotta go all the way like Ryback and just bite the bullet with a guy like Clay, or else let him start having normal feuds and see what happens.  The weird sideshow thing they chose to do with him instead, before they seemingly got bored with him, helps no one.