NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #13


September 25, 2002


Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay


The director tells Tenay there is a melee outback as we see
Goldylocks run over where Sonny Siaki and Jerry Lynn are brawling all over the
backstage area as Lynn is pissed at Siaki for his interference in his match
last week. Security runs out and gets tossed until Don Harris breaks up the


Tenay and West run down the show, including AJ Styles vs.
Low Ki in a 2-out-of-3 falls match for the #1 contender spot in the X-Division.
Plus, Brian Lawler & Elix Skipper vs. Syxx Pac & Scott Hall and Chris
Harris & James Storm vs. Ron Harris & Brian Lee in a tables match for
the Tag-Team titles. Also, Jerry Lynn vs. Ron Killings for the X-Division Title
in a Lumberjacks Match as Killings apparently wants to destroy the X-Division.
I think Bruce Pritchard is going that route today. Finally, the main event is
Jeff Jarrett vs. BG James. Not exactly a thrilling match.

Amazing Red vs. Sonny


Siaki is no longer dressed in the Elvis attire and is wearing
black pants. Also, he is selling an arm injury from the backstage brawl. Red
hits Siaki with a senton as he approaches the ring. Red kicks him down then
hits a Shooting Star Press from the apron. He rolls him back in and gets two
but then gets caught with a flapjack/neckbreaker combo for two. Red dodges a
clothesline and hits a spinkick. He gets a dropkick in the corner but runs into
a clothesline. Siaki with a series of shoulder thrusts in the corner but Red is
able to dodge the last one and comes back with an inverted Tornado DDT for two.
Red charges but Siaki backdrops him outside. Siaki drops Red on the steps then
on the guardrail. Camera shows Mortimer Plumtree on the ramp, taking notes. In
the ring, Siaki catches Red with a belly-to-belly suplex, getting two. He pins
him again, getting two. Bearhug by Siaki then he chokes him out with his foot.
Red manages a kick then gets the Code Red, which gets him two. Siaki alley-oops
Red, who lands on the second rope and comes back with a jumping STO. Spin kick
gets two. Red goes up top but Siaki ducks the attack then hits the Money Clip
for the pin (7:22) **1/4. Jorge Estrada is standing on the ramp and tells Siaki
that before the show is over, he wants his Elvis gear, including his “Blue
Suede Shoes.”


Thoughts: Decent opening match. Siaki wrestled a power style
and it worked well with Red. This was mainly about the Siaki/Estrada feud,
which is now about the Elvis costume. I give credit to Estrada in trying to
sell the mannerisms and sayings but it’s a lost cause.


Again, the camera cuts out back. This time, Killings his
beating the crap out of the Amazing Red. He then goes to Goldylocks and yells
that he is going to get rid of the X-Division. He thinks that it lowers his


Video recap (shown in black-and-white) of Harris & Storm
winning the belts last week. I actually think the black-and-white stuff is a
nice touch. Much more interesting than anything else they have done at this


Tables Match

NWA-TNA Tag Team

Ron Harris &
Brian Lee vs. “Cowboy” James Storm & “Wildcat” Chris Harris (Champions)


Harris and Lee jump their opponents before the match. Lee
catches Wildcat in a powerslam then punches away. Wildcat gains the advantage
and punches Lee out of the ring. Ron charges in and gets backdropped to the
outside. Storm gets caught after attempting a pescado (he nearly came up short)
but Harris flies out and takes them all out. In the ring, Wildcat with an axe
handle to Ron but Lee interferes then Ron boots him down. Sideslam by Ron then
a tag to Lee. Ron brings the table into the ring and places it in the corner.
Storm comes in and breaks up a press slam attempt but gets tossed outside by
Ron. He picks up Wildcat and hits a powerslam instead of putting him through
the table. Suplex by Ron and he tags out. Lee drops a few elbows then yells at
the crowd. Slam by Lee as the table is just sitting there, getting ignored. Lee
misses a diving attack and it allows Storm to tag in. He beats on his opponents
and now it is a brawl. They take out Ron with a clothesline. Lee lands on the
apron after a backdrop and clotheslines both men down. Storm breaks up a suplex
attempt and then jumps off of Wildcat and hits a forarm, sending Lee through
the table (6:39) DUD. After the match, Ron Harris attacks and lays out
everyone, including security, until his brother Don comes out and pushes him.
They have a heated confrontation then Ron leaves.


Thoughts: This match sucked. The psychology around the table
was awful. They bring a table in the ring and leave it in the corner, ignoring
it like the fat chick at a middle school dance. Ron Harris is an awful worker
and apparently allergic to selling. In regards to the tag-champs, the announcers
kept referencing that they were lucky to have won last week. Way to bury the
champs.  The end looks like a potential
feud between the Harris brothers. I guess it’s a positive if it takes him out
of the tag-title mix.


In a pre-taped bit, Goldylocks interviews Bruce in the
parking lot. Sara the Ticket lady comes over upset at the fact that Bruce stole
her handicapped parking spot. She threatens to stick her umbrella up his ass
and he orders her to walked her “crippled ass” into a nursing home. He pushes
her and she slaps him back as onlookers, including Tiny the Bellkeeper, break
up the confrontation. The “edgy” humor just comes off as embarrassing.


Ron Killings enters the ring. Once again, he refers to the
city as “Trashville” and orders the crowd to shut up. He tells us about the rat
problem in the projects that he grew up in then asks the crowd how they would
react to having rats in their bed. He then talks about the growing prejudice in
NWA-TNA, stating how he hasn’t seen Ricky Steamboat since he got his title shot
and doesn’t have any merchandise or even a private dressing room, which is what
Ken Shamrock had. He also gets pissed that he has to fight an X-Division
wrestler surrounded by X-Division Lumberjacks. BG James interrupts and
apparently has his “posse” in his pants. He tells the Truth that he might be a
primadonna and reminisces about their time in the WWF, when he stood up for the
Truth after all the “boys in the back” complained about him. Truth then turns
the table and says that James was in trouble and found the “Suntan Superman” to
pick up his slack as the crowd is now starting the “What” act. After some more
trips down memory lane, Truth tells BG that as long as he is in the Asylum, he
is his “bitch.” BG then attacks the Truth, who rolls out of the ring. He then
tells the Truth that unlike Demi Moore or Tom Cruise, he can handle the Truth. Whoever
is responsible for James’s dialogue needs to be shot.


Goldylocks is with Brian Lawler and is girlfriend, April. He
says there are no issues and that she has been straightened out. April says
that she has found comfort and has put up his crap but Lawler cuts her off and
orders Goldylocks away. He then yells at April for talking about their
business. This Lawler stuff is intolerable.


2-out-of-3 Falls

Low Ki vs. AJ Styles


Winner of this match gets an X-Division title shot next week
and the loser falls out of the title picture. The two trade some moves on the
mat for a while to start things off. Ki escapes an arm wringer with a kick then
gets in some chops. He drops an elbow, getting two. AJ then gets some stiff
kicks to the chest and copies Ki’s mat slap before getting booted out of the
ring. Ki gets a running Koppu Kick from the apron. Back inside, Ki gets two and
gets in some more chops. He charges but AJ catches him, crotching him on the
ropes. Backbreaker then a gutbuster by AJ and he beats him in the corner.
Dropkick by AJ as the crowd tells him he sucks. AJ gets a chinlock but Ki
escapes then both men do the double clothesline spot. Flying forearm by Ki who
then gets a springboard kick. He locks on the Dragon Clutch as AJ tries for the
ropes. Ki turns it around and takes him away from the ropes as AJ taps (6:35).


Second Fall: AJ gets an eye rake then kicks him in the back.
Clothesline gets two. Delayed Vertical Suplex is followed by a kneedrop, which
gets two. Spinning heel kick by AJ who taunts the crowd. Enziguiri by AJ sends
Ki to the floor. AJ tries a baseball slide but Ki spins him around and kicks
him in the face, dropping AJ to the floor. Ki tries another Dragon Clutch but
AJ drops him on the ramp. He rolls Ki in and gets two. Both men are on top but
Ki knocks AJ off and then gets the Hanging Dragon. Ki blocks a powerbomb
attempt with a rana but AJ rolls through and gets the rollup for the pin


Third Fall: Ki kicks AJ out of the ring and follows him
outside. AJ catches the leg of Low Ki during a kick and slams it into the
guardrail. That was a cool spot. AJ goes to work on the leg. In the ring, AJ
places Ki up top. Ki tries a rana but AJ blocks that and gets a shinbreaker. AJ
goes back to the work on the leg. Ki manages to get a small package for two but
AJ goes right back to work on the leg. He tries a powerbomb but AJ turns it
into a rana, getting two. Ki tries a suplex but AJ picks him up and rams him in
the corner. Rollup by AJ gets two. He then picks him up for the Styles Clash
for the win (14:44) **3/4.


Thoughts: Disappointing match that featured a lot of
kicking. It featured a slow pace and basically no high-flying stuff. AJ is back
in the title picture, again.


Goldylocks is with Jeff Jarrett. She asks him about BG
James, Syxx Pac, and Scott Hall being in TNA making his life difficult,
especially when it comes to the TNA title. He tells her that she can sell hits
from the 70’s at 4am and that he is more focused than ever and the title will
be is but first he will eliminate his obstacles.




“Primetime” Elix
Skipper & Brian Lawler w/April vs. Syxx Pac & Scott Hall


No idea why Skipper is in this match. Disco Inferno was Lawler’s
partner last week in the Gauntlet match. He botches his backflip entrance.
Lawler covers up April with his jacket then pulls her very short skirt down in
an attempt to keep her covered. He then yells at her to sit down. Syxx and
Skipper start out and Syxx teases him with a test of strength, only to engage
in crotch chopping. Hall also does the same from the apron. They then dodge
each other’s kicks until Skipper finally connects, causing Lawler to go crazy
on the apron. Skipper wants Hall to tag in and he does. Now, Lawler wants in
and he tags. Hall tosses the toothpick at Lawler, who then runs out and yells
at April. Back in the ring, more stalling from Lawler who then again runs out
and now orders April to sit down. The overacting from Lawler is unbearable.
Skipper now tags himself in and Hall hammers away. A terrible looking chokeslam
by Hall gets two. He barely even got him in the air. Skipper slides outside and
he and Lawler crotch Hall with the ring post. Legdrop by Skipper gets two.
Lawler bites Hall behind the refs back then tags. He punches Hall in the corner
then charges with a shoulderblock, getting two. He tells April to watch as he
gets a suplex. Tag to Skipper, who gets an axehandle. He knocks Syxx off the
apron and after botching the spot the first time, Hall then catches Skipper and
hits a back suplex. Lawler runs outside when he sees Don West consoling April
and pushes him away. Syxx Pac tags in and catches Skipper with a kick.
Powerbomb by Syxx and he knocks Lawler off the apron. X Factor gets two as
Lawler breaks up the pin. Hall punches Lawler and he oversells dramatically as
he flies over the top rope. He then catches Skipper with a fallaway slam. Syxx
sets up for the Bronco Buster but Skipper moves away. Lawler jumps in and
attacks Hall as Syxx catches a leaping Skipper with the X Factor for the win
(9:09) ¾*. After the match, Jarrett hits Syxx Pac and Hall with the stroke.
Lawler and Skipper help out Jarrett until Don Harris and security run out to
stop the assault.


Thoughts: Lots of stalling in this match. Too much of it
revolved around the Lawler/April stuff. I thought it was a bit strange to see
Hall do a majority of the selling in this match.


Goldylocks is with AJ Styles, who is acting cocky. AJ says
he has a big mouth, is cocky, and the best Sports Entertainer in the business
today. He then claims to see a belt hanging from the ceiling, hinting that he
wants a ladder match next week for his title shot. He then gooses her before
walking away. At least they are trying to give AJ a gimmick but he was quite
bad on the mic when he first started.


Bruce walks to the ring. He says he almost bought into the
idea of women being treated equally as the crowd starts a loud “Faggot” chant.
He babbles on about being the only woman in TNA and calls Tenay’s wife
disgusting. Sara the Ticket Lady come out from the stands with a broom as Bruce
calls her an “old douchebag.” Borash, West, and Don Harris prevent Sara from
entering the ring. A complete waste of time and this Bruce stuff makes you embarrassed
to watch wrestling.


Kid Kash vs. Jorge


Lockup and then the two trade wristlocks. Estrada gets a
hiptoss then an armdrag. Again, Mortimer Plumtree is shown watching another X
Division match. Estrada then hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissor takedown before
sending Kash to the floor with a clothesline. Estrada with a suicide dive but
comes up way short, almost breaking his neck in the process. Kash goes on
offense then gets a double springboard senton. He tosses Estrada back in the
ring and gets two. Estrada gets two off of a hiptoss then a running shooting
star press for two. He heads up top but Kash shoves the ref against the ropes
and Estrada gets crotched. Kash snaps him off with a rana, getting two.
Pumphandle slam by Kash but he runs into an elbow. Estrada gets two off of a
split-legged moonsault. A chopping battle ensues until Kash gets an eye poke. DDT
by Kash gets two. He signals for a double springboard rana but Estrada catches
him with a powerbomb. He then hits the TCB (Springboard Somersault Senton) for
the win (6:04) *1/2. After the match, Estrada demands Siaki to turn in his Elvis
suit. Siaki comes out and says he never meant for this to turn out this way and
that he can have the suit back. He also says that he gave it the proper burial
and shows a video on the screen of Siaki tossing the suit into a flaming
barrel, calling it a “Hunka-Hunka burning crap.” Estrada is beside himself in
the ring.


Thoughts: Kash is one of the better workers in the company. For
some reason, he fli-flops between face and heel on a weekly basis. Estrada is
alright but can get really sloppy in the ring. He wasn’t very impressive here.
The Elvis suit stuff was really corny.


Another black-and-white video recap of last week. This time,
it’s the match of Lynn
vs. Killings in which Siaki turned his back on the X Division. Probably the
best video package from TNA at this point.


Lumberjack Match

NWA-TNA X-Division

Ron Killings vs.
Jerry Lynn (Champion)


All the X Division regulars, with the exception of Styles,
are the lumberjacks. Killings ducks out after Lynn connects on a few punches only
to get tossed back in by Low Ki. Snapmare by Lynn is followed by mounted
punches. Lynn then yells “Who the man!” before punching away. Top-rope bulldog
by Lynn and Truth ducks out. He gets tossed back in and Lynn gets two. Killings
shoves Lynn in the corner then hits a shoulder block from the top rope. Lynn
fights back but Killings takes him down with a clothesline. He tosses Lynn
outside and Kid Kash stomps away until Estrada and Amazing Red question his
antics. AJ is on the ramp with a ladder. Back in the ring, Killings hits a
backbreaker for two.  Powerslam gets two.
Loud “Jerry” chant breaks out as Lynn manages a brief comeback before getting
caught with a powerslam, which gets two. Killings gets a front facelock and
puts his feet on the ropes for leverage until the ref catches him. Hairpull by
Killings. Lynn floats over on a slam attempt an gets an inverted DDT. He fires
away on Killings and catches him with a powerbomb, getting two. He attempts a
German Suplex but Killings blocks it with a low blow. Red and Estrada complain
to the ref as Low Ki and Killings yell at each other. Lynn shoves Killings near
Ki, who snaps Truth’s neck off the ropes, allowing Lynn to hit the TKO for the
win (9:02) **1/4. After the match, Killings yells at ref Scott Armstrong,
blaming him for his loss.


Thoughts: Much better than their match from the previous
week but still disappointing. These two just don’t have good chemistry. Looks
like the Killings vs. X-Division feud will continue.


West sells next week’s show. AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn in a
ladder match for the X Division Championship. Ron Killings will wreak havoc on
the X Division. Where is Sonny Siaki going and Jeff Jarrett, Syxx Pac, and
Scott Hall will be here. Actually, one of those workers will in fact, not be
there. Can you guess who?


Jeff Jarrett vs. BG


James grabs the mic and promises Jarrett he will feel his “B
to the G” sting and uses his “Get it, got it, good” catchphrase. Oh my lord.
James with a punch then some dancing. Inverted atomic drop followed by a
kneedrop, which gets two. Enziguiri by Jarrett and he yells at the crowd. Dancing
punches by James and Jarrett goes outside. James hits Jarrett in the back with
a chair. He knocks Jarrett over the guardrail with a chairshot and they brawl
in the crowd. Jarrett lands several chairshots then tosses him back to the
mats. He delivers some more chairshots to the back then yells James catchphrase
towards Tenay. More chairshots by Jarrett and we experience some audio
problems. In the ring, Jarrett catches James with a sleeper. After a while, James
escapes and locks in his own sleeper hold but Jarrett counters that with a
backdrop suplex. BG gets a few shots and takes down Jarrett with a big boot.
Mounted punches in the corner by James and the ref goes down. Jarrett grabs a
chair and wedges it in the corner but James stops the attack and rams Jarrett into
the chair. Elix Skipper runs out but gets taken off the apron by James. Jarrett
tries a sunsetflip but James blocks it and gets two. Lawler runs on the apron
and holds James for Jarrett but he escapes and  James gets a rollup for two. As the ref is
distracted by Lawler and Skipper, Jarrett grabs a chair and hits James on the
head. He covers and gets two. James reverses a go-behind then hits the
Pumphandle slam and covers but Lawler and Skipper break it up and the ref
signals for the DQ (9:06) *3/4. Syxx Pac and Scott Hall run out for the save as
the crowd barely makes any noise. Killings then runs out and lays out the faces
with belt shots. Jarrett asks for the belt and hits James.


Thoughts: They really worked around the limitations of James,
who was blown up in seconds last week. Jarrett carried things to make it a passable
match but certainly not a decent main event or anything. There was no
explanation as to why Lawler was helping Jarrett, as there month long feud that
led to nothing has apparently been erased from history. This looks to set up a
6-man tag for next week but will that happen?


Final Thoughts: A dull show overall. Besides the Bruce
stuff, nothing was truly horrible. However, they actually seem to be building
towards logical feuds, even if they aren’t very exciting. The thing is, there
are far too many WCW and WWF rejects in roles that are not suitable for them. I
like Skipper but in no way should he be near the top of the card. Lawler is
awful, like the Harris Brothers and Brian Lee. BG James and Scott Hall can
barely even wrestle at this point. Also, another AJ/Lynn match is a little
much, even if they have good chemistry.