Tough guys

Hypothetical question/situation: Just out of curiosity……lets say – hypothetically speaking, you're in a barroom, or an alley (no weapons), or wherever Shawn Michaels was that night he got jumped by 9 thugs (allegedly). You are surrounded, and you fear for your safety/life. If you could choose 8 wrestlers in their prime (in the ENTIRE history of wrestling) that you would want on your side to win a fight, who would they be? 

This would be a perfect place to plug Jonathan Snowden's new book "Shooters: The Toughest Men In Pro Wrestling":
Although bar fighting is a totally different animal than a relatively controlled in ring fight.  You never know who can win if one guy is gonna kick te other one in the junk or bite his nose off.  Anyway, I'd go with a mostly old-school crew from back when getting beat up in the ring was a real possibility.  Lou Thesz, Ed Strangler Lewis, Frank Gotch.  Plus some guys who you ought not to mess with in a fight, like Ken Shamrock, Bruiser Brody, and Stan Hansen.  Can I have Anderson Silva too for fun?  .