New Face of the Company?

Question for you and the blog of doomers if you're looking for material:

I think it's been pretty clear that no matter what happens and no matter how WWE tries to manipulate the situation, Cena really isn't going to have more than 60% of the arena in his corner (even on his best days).  I also think that it's likely Cena is going to have to pass the torch as the face of the company at some point in the next 12-18 months.  For various reasons, the odds-on favorite for this designation seems to be Sheamus.  But if you had the power to really rally behind someone and make them the face of the company, who would it be?  I'm also referring to all of the responsibilities that come with it:  media interviews, charity events, appearances at seemingly random quasi-celebrity or sporting events.  So, he'd have to be a guy who is willing and able to do all of that.  There are some clamoring for Punk to take charge, but I've seen/heard a couple of trainwrecks with Punk promoting that night's Raw or PPV.  In particular, there's been dorky radio morning show hosts who were completely shut down because Punk didn't feel like playing along…and then it just got awkward from there.  I just start to feel bad for everyone there, including Punk.  So while I think he is an acceptable face for a wrestling promotion, I'm not sure if he WANTS to be when it comes to all of the added peripheral responsibilities.

On the other hand, I've seen guys like Orton and Bryan just absolutely nail it (media interview, radio show) despite the fact that they don't have these larger-than-life personalities. Are we left with Bryan (after he trims his beard), Ziggler, and Sheamus as possibilities or is there another guy who you think can take the title of "face of the company" and run with it?  Or are we just waiting for lightning to strike with someone else for the next two years?

Oh, it's gonna be Sheamus, and you're gonna LIKE IT.  Even though he's only a year or so younger than Cena.  
Personally I say Ziggler, or on an outside shot John Morrison.  They're both young and well-spoken, can go in the ring, seem to understand social media, and seem like cool guys and not arrogant f----ups like a certain third-generation guy with two strikes.