A new stable

We haven't seen a stable on WWE TV in quite some time, and I was recently reading a post on PWTorch, and a suggestion was made about adding others to the CM Punk/Paul Heyman alliance, if you will. If you were to add 3 or 4 wrestlers, who would you add and what would you name the stable?

Well obviously you've got Punk and Brock Lesnar in there, although that's a weird dynamic because generally you want one main guy, one secondary level guy, and a tag team for the best return on these sort of things.  So if Punk is the main guy, you'd almost want to spin off Brock alone to keep him from overshadowing.  Plus let's face it, he doesn't need Heyman.  I think I'd go with Wade Barrett as the secondary guy in the Barry Windham role, because he can eventually turn on Punk and they want to make him into a top guy anyway.  Plus he's a businessman, Heyman's a businessman, it's a good fit.  Then for the tag team, I'm gonna go off the beaten path and say Kidd and Gabriel, because they would DESPERATELY need someone to talk for them, but don't need much in the way of in-ring changes.  Although since it's a heel stable, they would shift from plucky high-flyers to that Tully and Arn style of fast-paced cheating bastards instead.  I might even switch out Gabriel for a more rough-house style guy who can play the Arn Anderson role.  Maybe that would be a good spot for one of the NXT knobs that isn't doing anything else, like a Johnny Curtis or someone bland like that.  Repackage him as a tough-but-silent enforcer, let Kidd run his mouth and do the in-ring heavy lifting, you got a winner.  
As for the stable name, they should steal that one from NXT:  The Ascension.