Shawn v. Rock

Hey Scott.  Thanks for the good work.  All your stuff is easy to get caught up in on a boring day at work. 

Your talk about Wrestlemania and part timers pointing at signs made me think that they could make that work for one more year.  Do you believe that the WWE should give us The Rock vs Shawn Michaels while they can.  Shawn seems to keep showing his face on TV and i'm sure he's still capable of putting on one last classic, and they shouldn't wait before his body starts to deteriorate, or until the Rock is uninterested in coming back.  I believe its the one of the last big Superfights left for the WWE, and they should get it done asap.  Do you think it has a shot of happening?

I don't think Shawn has any particular desire to return, but I certainly wouldn't say NEVER or anything.  I think it's one where their careers were kind of ships passing in the night, because Rock didn't become a megastar until after Shawn left, and then Shawn came back after Rock had moved onto becoming more or less a full time actor, so it's not like there's years of history there for them to draw from.  The dynamic would be kind of weird, too, I think.  Honestly, making Superfights with a part-timer jobbing to a new guy is much more productive than popping one big buyrate at Wrestlemania, so I don't think it would be a terribly productive match.  The stereo kip-up would really be the only reason to justify it.