Can't help but feel like they're missing the boat with Ryback.  Sure he isn't great in the ring, but I think they could have something here with him.  Instead of having him beat up guys half his size, why not use someone like the Big Show in this situation.  He could run his mouth until Ryback comes out and destroys him.  I mean, they have guys like Big Show on the payroll and he's pretty useless as it is, why not roll the dice to see if it'll get a new star over?  They might be waiting for the Rumble for this (which would be cool), but the slow burn with Rynack is doing nothing (and I like slow buring angles, but this is just going nowhere).  Sometimes guys just need a moment and it'll get them over – sort of like Ahmed Johnson years ago storming in and slamming Yokozuna (granted injuries and other things derailed his push, but I still remember that moment years later).  


It's been suggested that Ryback v. Undertaker could be a go for Wrestlemania, which leaves me wondering how they'd get there given that Ryback is their monster babyface right now.  I guess the two possibilities are either Undertaker working heel (unlikely) or Ryback swerving everyone and joining Team Heyman, which is a stronger possibility because he's not really established at that main event level yet anyway.  And really, if you've got a three-way with Cena v. Ryback v. Punk, there's worse ideas than Ryback f------ over Cena to allow Punk to retain.  Then you can run Ryback v. Cena for a few months and see if Ryback sinks or swims in the main event while Punk does something else until Royal Rumble, like feuding with Sheamus or whatever.  If you're gonna go for it, go for it all the way, ya know?