Bullying Fans

– Alberto del Rio vs. a fan (he ripped up a little girl's sign and mocked her for crying, the mother is making a stink about it, Dixie Carter called the family and offered them tickets to BfG and a meet n' greet)

Just wanted to note that this particular news item is particularly annoying from all sides.  WWE is so far entrenched in the Be a STAR crap that they should be monitoring this kind of nonsense, but also clearly this kid is not cut out to be a wrestling fan.  Like holy shit, if I was lucky enough to get ringside seats in 1988 and Ted Dibiase tore up my sign and laughed at me, I'd be BRAGGING about that shit at school the next day!  I'd probably still be telling that story on the blog to this day.  THAT'S WHAT WRESTLING FANS DO.  We get yelled at by heels about how our mothers are whores or we're fat boys, and we're ENTERTAINED by it.  So yeah, WWE should probably stop doing the cheap heat stuff that is more associated with wrestling than sports entertaining, but this mother should also find a more suitable hobby for her son, like chess or computer programming.  
Also, it's nice that Dixie is trying to throw some goodwill their way, but isn't she forgetting about one of her main heels?  You know, BULLY Ray?  Kudos all around there.