History of ECW 5/5/1998

Taped from Philadelphia, PA

Airdate: May 5, 1998

Hosted by Joey Styles

For those who have not read my Wrestlepalooza report, please
go here.
Thanks for reading it, now let’s recap a RECAP show!

In a disturbing moment Joey welcomes us to another
installment of the History of ECW holding “Barbie” (a 2×4 covered in barbed
wire). We will take a look back at Wrestlepalooza and all three title matches.
Yikes! He closes the opening segment by kissing “Barbie” and says he “likes it
rough.” TMI, Joey, TMI.

We start with comments from Al Snow before his match against
Shane Douglas. If you want to know what he said please refer to my
Wrestlepalooza report here. In
the meantime, a graphic from WWE gives us this little factoid: Al Snow and the
Unabomber (Kane) won the Smoky Mountain tag titles in 1995.

We get a plug for the Heat Wave ’98 PPV coming up August 2
then the opener.

Joey welcomes us to the show stating that Shane Douglas had
to be driven from Pittsburgh to Marietta for the PPV and was hospitalized for
three nights under the care of a private physician. Hmmm…if Paul used his PPV
revenues to pay for that bill it’s no wonder this company couldn’t sustain

Next we get Shane’s soliloquy from the PPV. Edited, of
course, for HER pleasure. The aftermath included Taz’s destruction of a
backseat window while handcuffed. This definitely has to be seen to be

 One more scoop of
Shane? How about his promo before the title match? Here  ya go.

Paul then narrates the still highlights of the World title

Steven DeTruth (Atlanta correspondent) tries to get a word
about Shane’s condition after the PPV. Francine shoos him away. Never thought
I’d type that sentence. He proceeds to insult her by calling her “girl.” After
giving him what-for, she opens the door to allow him locker room access, but
Bam Bam Bigelow is bouncing the door from the inside. Candido acts like a
superball behind him, and DeTruth gets denied once more.

DeTruth interviews Justin Credible. Chastity, wearing a neck
brace, and Jason stand alongside him. The former Aldo Montoya states that he’s
Justin Credible “4 Life.”

Still highlights of the match between Credible and Mikey
Whipwreck are shown.

Joey previews the still highlights from the tag title match
then said highlights are shown.

DeTruth interviews Lance Storm. DeTruth screws up by asking
him about the team of Candido and Storm. Lance quickly and menacingly corrects
him then leaves. He was definitely SERIOUS for a moment there.

Meanwhile Sunny cuts a promo wearing a tank top and a Superman
cap. According to her, with all of her “connections”, we will never know where
she will show up. She finishes with the “What a rush” clincher from the LOD.

Highlights of the events leading up to the TV title match
are shown.

The promo shot before the PPV where Fonzie is in each man’s
corner is shown.

Before we head to commercial a plug for the next PPV is

Next full-motion highlights of the TV title match are shown.
Our truly laughable moment of the show occurs when Joey says “the true outcome
of the matchup…will be debated in- and outside of Extreme Championship
Wrestling for years to come.” In spite of my enjoyment of the match I don’t
think so, Joey.

Highlights with RVD on offense are shown for his side of the
argument that he won the match.

DeTruth interviews referee Jeff Jones. As soon as he is
about to announce the winner Fonzie and his whistle interrupt him as well as
cause him to declare a draw. Get intimidated much, Jeff? Fonzie offers some
words until RVD interrupts him. RVD says he’s the best wrestler in the world
and won…until Sabu interrupts him with a tug of his ponytail. Oooh, it’s game
on now! Fonzie holds Sabu back, and RVD closes out the segment touting himself.

Joey talks about the intimidation upon Jeff Jones after the
match by both wrestlers. He then reiterates that Shane Douglas won the main
event match to retain the ECW World title.

DeTruth interviews Al Snow and asks him “What’s next?” Snow
pauses for a long time, looks at Head, and leaves.

Joey analyzes Snow’s demeanor then thanks everyone involved
with Wrestlepalooza. Next week’s episode will emanate from Buffalo, NY.

Full-motion highlights of the World title match close out
the show.

Joey hails ECW’s accomplishment of filling an arena “away
from our comfort zone – the Northeast.” And, in an effort to be extremely
creepy, he excuses himself stating he’s “reserved a room at the Stamford Motor
Inn for me and Barbie.”  Ick.

Well, back in 1998 if you had ordered the PPV you certainly
did not need to watch this week’s episode. Albeit this show was taped TWO days
after the PPV there was barely anything outside of it to recap. If you have not
read my Wrestlepalooza recap and want to know what happened please be my guest.
The road to Heat Wave ’98 starts with the next episode. I wonder where Paul
takes us next. Until next time stay away from barbed wired 2×4 please!

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