Was there a political reason that Test never got another serious run after the Stephanie betrayal storyline?  Not saying the dude should have ever been WWF champ or anything, but the logical extension of Steph marrying HHH seemed to be some sort of street fight or last man standing or something.  Instead, he just kind of disappeared from the angle and didn't seem all that terribly concerned about losing his woman (who he beat up Shane for in a HOT match/angle).  In retrospect, if you dropped Albert from the T&A equation, they could have at least had Test return with the debuting Trish Stratus as his new lady.  "Yeah, I'm over Steph…and I'm back, this time with a fitness model. No big deal".  Again, not saying it should have been Test getting the early-mid 2000 push instead of Jericho, Angle, Benoit, Rock, HHH, et al.  Only saying the HHH vs. Test match could have drawn in a short program.  Especially with the Russorific soap opera driven angles, I would think that would be exactly the kind of program to try in late '99 or early '00.

The feeling I get is that Test was basically a Russo project, because they basically tried to drop the whole thing as soon as he left.  But yeah, Test and Trish as an initial duo is actually a pretty clever idea, so kudos.