Flip the Rosters?

Hi Scott,

Flair4dagold from the blog.
With most of us fairly excited about TNA's recent direction (i.e. logical storylines, focus on titles, etc), it's been a shame that there really hasn't been a positive Impact (ha!) on viewers.  Sure, Rome wasn't built in a day and there have been Olympics and NFL pre-season, as well as the fact that TNA is still not a great marketing machine as WWE is that contributes to this.   
I was recently wondering this question, what if starting next week, you exchanged the TNA roster with the WWE roster?  So, Punk and Cena would be live from the Impact Zone on Thursday's while AJ, Aries and crew would populate Monday Night Raw.  Now, in this alternate universe fantasy, let's pretend that the Men In Black neurolizer exists and all of TV viewership has their memory altered so that they think these guys have always belonged where they are now.  I know, I'm dangerously getting into Jesse Baker territory (or I may already be there).
The question for you and fellow bloggers, do the ratings change?  Is Cena, Punk, et al. enough to increase TNA's viewership within a few months?  Are we still where we are today, but instead of Cena, Punk and Sheamus being huge stars, it's Roode, Abyss and AJ?
Thank you sir.

Yeah, I think it's more likely that TNA would kill the star power of the WWE guys, unfortunately.  It's basically the WWE name that draws, and I think that after a couple of weeks of fans adjusting to AJ Styles and Bobby Roode, they'd be drawing basically the same on RAW.  And as WCW used to demonstrate all the time, just because you have all of the WWF's old stars, announcers, TV directors and catering guys doesn't mean you can have the same success as them automatically.