If Ya Smelllllllllll…

As always, thanks for taking the time.  Would love the blogs and your opinion on something.  The Rock is undoubtedly my favorite act today, his return before WM 27 brought me back to the WWE after not having watched a show since the end of the attitude era.  As over as he was, and as much as he is still a top level draw, it seems that his schtick just doesn't hold up as well today as it used to.  Crowd responses didn't seem as strong and something just seemed to be missing from his act during the WM build with Cena.  To me Rock is best utilized vs a clear cut heel.
Cena Rock II at WM 29 would seem to present the same problem if they go that direction.  Thoughts?  Do you think Rock doesn't hold up as well or is it more how WWE presented him?
Thanks MH

Rock is like a fine booze, he only gets better with age.  In fact he was so ridiculously above the level of everyone in the entire promotion last time that I'm kind of shocked they'd release that Rock-Cena DVD, since it only makes their b-level sports entertainers who tell stories look all the more amateurish.  

And Wrestlemania was the biggest-drawing show in HISTORY.  Like not even WWE hyperbole biggest, real life biggest.  So let's not have any more suggestions that the Rock isn't the greatest.