I put this in one of the threads, but I think it bears discussion: WWE has turned into the current state of Saturday Night live, with all the staleness and stagnation that comes with that territory, and they compare pretty handily:

I think the last season or two they’ve had a great cast, but the
writers A) suck and B) want to rely on the popular but annoying actors
that are considered the “top stars” (Kenan Thompson, Kristen f------
Wiig) and none of the younger talent gets a chance to show what they got
(Vanessa Bayer, Jay Pharaoh, and Taran Killam are all great). SNL
compares pretty heavily to WWE actually:

-Cena is Kristen Wiig: had the most success but is completely unlikeable and gets way too much screen time.

-Orton is Seth Meyer: Established enough and popular enough with the
boss that his spot is always secure whether or not he’s performing to a
top level (although I do think Meyer was born to be a Weekend Update

-Punk is Jason Sudeikis: Popular with the young males, arguably their
best performer, has established and accomplished a lot elsewhere and
arguably should be treated like the top star, even though Vince/Lorne
might not be fully convinced, has threatened leaving before as a power

-Big Show is Kenan Thompson: Has had his career affected by being too
fat (sent to OVW/not skinny enough to play Obama), been around the
longest, still gets ample amount of TV time even though he’s never been
anyone’s favorite.

-Zack Ryder is Fred Armisen: Had to go to another, smaller outlet
just to get enough success to turn around and get more time on his own
show (Z! True Long Island Story/Portlandia).

-Mysterio is Andy Samberg: Most popular with the young kids, has had
huge success (merch sales/Digital Shorts) but then also huge failures
(never having a good run with the title/never opening a big movie).

-Daniel Bryan is Bill Hader: Had lots of outside success in other
places, is a cult favorite, is never the most featured person on the
show (but does have episodes where they’re all over it) but is probably
the most versatile and almost always the most entertaining person on the

-To extend the metaphor, Mickie James is Abby Elliot: One of the most
talented females, who ends up leaving the company after an affair with
one of the top stars went bad (Cena/Fred Armisen).

-And of course, Vince is Lorne Michaels