Was Brian Clark under-pushed?

Why the hell do I have TWO e-mails about Bryan Clark in my inbox all of a sudden?

How did Bryan Clark never end up being anything?  That dude had the look (and agility in his earlier days), but never really made it big in any company. As a kid, I remember seeing him on a Clash as The Nightstalker and thinking he was as terrifying as Sid Vicious.  Then, despite the Adam Bomb thing being a bit goofy, the dude seemed like exactly the type that Vince loves to push.  Back to WCW, the Kevin Nash match essentially cut off any rise in status he was ever going to enjoy.  Then his team with Brian Adams came after his window as a 90s Monster closed.  Was he a bad lockeroom guy?  Just unmotivated?  Both companies surely pushed shittier in-ring performers due to "look" and "intensity" (Sid!!!), but this guy never really got a look at the main event, even as a one-off PPV monster-of-the-week for Undertaker (WWF), Sting (WCW), or Goldberg (WCW again!).  What gives?  At the very least, a 1993 monster tag team of BamBam Bigelow & Adam Bomb could have been pretty sick.

Hi Scott,
I've read a lot of stuff from fans over the years about how Brian Clark was an underutilized guy. He seemed quite good overall- he was big as hell, looked like a million bucks as far as physique and bad-assitude goes, he moved well for a big guy (his Slingshot Clothesline was pretty sweet), he was a good power wrestler with some sweet moves, and he had some nasty charisma at times.
Yet his career never really turned out to much. As Adam Bomb he was a forgettable Midcarder, often being beaten clean all over the card (like Earthquake at WrestleMania X in a quickie match), and got a face turn for no apparent change in push. As Wrath he was pretty much the same, until they decided to build him up as a new bad-ass Monster who kicked the s--- out of tons of jobbers. What happened next has become somewhat notorious, as Kevin Nash beat him clean on the road to fighting Goldberg and essentially ruined him. He was solidly pushed as a member of KroniK (they were the dominant team of the crappiest WCW years), but that was short-lived, and he quit the WWF soon after they joined the InVasion.
So was he really under-pushed after all? I liked the guy and found him to be a pretty interesting wrestler to watch (especially as Wrath), but did he deserve a bigger run in your opinion? And also, just HOW awful was that loss to Nash overall? I'd argue that a guy like Wrath shouldn't have been beating Nash (who WAS a big-name main eventer and fighting the World Champion soon), BUT that it was a pointless waste of a guy who was getting quite over by jobbing him clean, ESPECIALLY since they didn't push him much afterwards- it seems like all that work went into building him up just as a speed-bump for Nash to get more over.

I think he just wasn't very motivated to go any further than he was.  He seemed like the kind of guy to go along with whatever stupid ideas were given to him (like jobbing to Nash or being the Nightstalker) and never really seemed to put much effort into getting better.  I always liked the guy and would have been fine with a bigger push for him as Wrath.

By the way, instead of bringing them in as Kronik in 2001, they should have repackaged them as a Demolition 2001 type of deal as Wrath and Crush.  That dynamic would have worked against Undertaker & Kane about a hundred times better.