Smackdown – October 5, 2012

October 5, 2012
BOK Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Michael Cole, Josh Matthews
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
closing in on the Cell and we have our main event now. Sheamus will
defend against Big Show and they had a debate on Raw to set the match
up. The debate wound up being almost as a big of a waste of time as
the entire Del Rio feud, but at least the match should be more
interesting. Other than that there isn’t much going on so we’re
almost going into this blind. Let’s get to it.

You Know Your Enemy? Mine is Bud Selig. Why does he feel the need
to keep changing everything that was was working fine?
Big Show to open the show. Show talks about Sheamus having a plan
for their match, but a punch in the mouth can change any plans. We
get a highlight reel of Show knocking people out. Here’s Sheamus who
says he knows the fight at the PPV is going to be the fight of his
life. He offers a handshake and says may the best man win, but Show
walks away.
Show is leaving, Sheamus talks about the plans that Show mentioned.
He says Bryan had a plan at TLC and we see a clip of Big Show losing
the title in 45 seconds. We also see Bryan’s plan from Wrestlemania
and the 18 second title change. Show gets back in the ring and
extends his hand again but this time Sheamus walks away. This was
already more entertaining and interesting than the last two months of
Sheamus vs. Del Rio and it was just ok.
Team Tournament: Kofi Kingston/R-Truth vs. Prime Time Players
winners get Mysterio and Sin Cara. Kofi and Young get things going
and Kofi hits a dropkick for two. Off to Truth as the former
champions take over. Truth hits his spinning legdrop for two but
Young powers him into the corner and it’s off to O’Neal. Titus has a
great look and the power but he’s not quite there yet in the ring.
Off to Young for their suplex drop onto Truth for two.
hooks a bearhug of all things which gets him nowhere. Wouldn’t that
be a better move for someone like O’Neal? Anyway Truth gets in a
shot to take Young down and there’s the hot tag to Kofi. Things
immediately speed up and after running around a lot, Kofi hits the
Boom Drop for no cover on Young. Titus distracts Kofi before Trouble
in Paradise can hit. Two kicks miss but O’Neal trips Kingston up and
Young’s gutbuster gets the pin on Kofi at 4:23.
This didn’t have time to get anywhere but at least the Players
finally beat these guys after losing for months on end. Kofi and
Truth have probably outlived their shelf life as a team but the
Players facing the masked guys is a good idea for a feud. This
wasn’t awful but the time killed it.
are the final four matchups:
Ryder/Santino Marella
Time Players
Cara/Rey Mysterio
vs. Ryback
says Ryback said he’s looking for his next meal with Punk. Primo
gets launched into the corner and a big boot puts him down. Ryback
slams Primo into the mat a few times but Primo gets in some jobber
offense. Primo is then launched across the ring, clotheslined down
and sent to the floor. Ryback beats up both cousins on the floor,
clotheslines Primo down in the ring and Shell Shocks (Josh actually
called it that for the first time I can ever remember) him for the
pin at 2:52.
and Heyman are in the back and looking for Dolph Ziggler.
vs. Alicia Fox
music just does not fit at all. They do basic stuff to start and
Alicia shakes her hips a lot. She works on Layla’s leg and puts some
holds on it but Layla kicks Alicia from the corner, hits her bouncy
cross body, and finishes Alicia with a high kick to the head at 3:26.
Not only was the match uninteresting, there was no selling at all
from Layla. Alicia worked on Layla’s leg for almost two minutes
before Layla hit three moves that all involved her leg. Then again,
I don’t think anyone has ever accused Layla of being what you would
call a ring general.
says that it’s going to be all the sweeter to take the title from Eve
because of how Eve got the title in the first place.
and Vickie are in the back and run into Heyman and Punk. Punk yells
at Dolph for walking out on the tag match on Monday, which Ziggler
points out that Punk did a few weeks ago. All four of them get in an
argument until Booker shows up and makes Punk vs. Ziggler in the main
Barrett vs. ???
a jobber whose name isn’t worth mentioning. In an inset interview,
Barrett says that he likes toying with the people he fights. A
pumphandle slam puts the jobber down and Barrett shoves him off the
top to the floor. The Souvenir gets the pin at 1:47.
vs. The Miz
hypes up this as being a rare champion vs. champion match. That’s
true actually. There hasn’t been one in two whole days. Miz pounds
Sheamus down into the corner to start but the champ (the world champ
I mean) throws Miz into the corner and pounds away. The ten forearms
in the ropes are blocked and Sheamus is sent to the floor. It’s nice
to see people start countering that as it means Sheamus is going to
have to start mixing it up a bit more.
sends him into the post which gets two back inside. Sheamus fights
up but walks into the Reality Check (backbreaker into a neckbreaker)
for two. Miz hooks a chinlock and the announcers talk about fantasy
football. Sheamus starts his comeback with some high powered shots
but walks into the short DDT for two. Miz’s corner clothesline is
caught in an Irish Curse and there are the ten forearms. White Noise
hits and the place gets very fired up when Sheamus loads up the
Brogue Kick….and here’s Big Show. Sheamus is ready to go but Show
KO’s Miz to give Sheamus a DQ loss at 6:25.
We’ve reached the point where watching two champions go at it means
nothing anymore. We saw this two nights ago so why should it mean
anything today? At least Sheamus vs. Show is something new which you
can’t say has happened in months now. The match should be a physical
one as well which is a perk. The match here wasn’t bad.
Otunga in wrestling gear. He wants to address something that
happened after Smackdown went off the air last week and we get a clip
of Del Rio attacking Orton after the end of last week’s show. Otunga
thanks Del Rio for having the guts to stand up to Orton, and that
brings out the Viper. Scratch that as it brings out Del Rio and
talks like Orton which is kind of funny actually. That lasts all of
two seconds and he says Orton isn’t here because he’s afraid of dying
like a snake. This brings out Booker who puts Otunga and Del Rio in
a tag match against these guys.
Del Rio/David Otunga vs. HELL NO
again. After a break Bryan and Otunga start things off. Bryan gets
thrown down and Otunga poses a bit. Daniel comes back and sends
Otunga into the corner and poses as well. The NO Lock is avoided and
Otunga drapes Bryan over the ropes to take over. A neckbreaker gets
two for Otunga and it’s off to Del Rio for a suplex for two. Ricardo
chants SI and Bryan drop toeholds Del Rio into the middle buckle.
to Kane who gets in an argument with Bryan almost immediately. Del
Rio gets in a shot on Kane to take over and it’s off to Del Rio who
spinebusts the big man for two. That gets him nowhere though as Kane
hits the chokeslam. Daniel tags himself in and hits a top rope
headbutt for the pin on Otunga at 4:04.
Was there a point here other than getting the champions on TV? I
don’t know if it’s the crowd but the act seems to have died down a
little bit. Granted they’re being treated like a much more normal
tag team now which takes away the stuff that got them so popular in
the first place so that’s probably it. I’m hoping they go back to
what worked for them as it’ll still get laughs. The match was
nothing special.
and Teddy are arguing in the back with Teddy saying he never told Eve
to suspend Beth. Eve accuses Teddy of losing his memory in his old
age. Teddy says he can see straight through Eve and thinks she had
something to do with Kaitlyn’s attack. Teddy says that he sees
through Eve unlike Booker. Booker pops up and yells at him while
sending Eve away. Booker tells Teddy to stop bickering or he might
be fired.
Show vs. Tensai
doesn’t get an entrance but Tensai does. Tensai pounds away to start
and beats Show into the corner with punches and headbutts. Show
comes back with a chop but charges into a boot in the corner. Big
Show shrugs that off and throws him to the floor where he runs Tensai
over. Back in and Show misses an elbow and gets hit by the
backsplash for two. Show spears Tensai down and loads up the punch
but here’s Sheamus to Brogue Kick Tensai to give Show a DQ loss at
Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler
the rare heel vs. heel main event and Punk comes out first. No
Vickie entrance for Dolph either. The crowd is DEAD for Ziggler.
They argue a lot over respect before the match starts and Punk grabs
a headlock to start. Ziggler fights out and it’s a stalemate as we
head to a break. Back with Punk in control on the mat. Ziggler
comes back with a headlock as they’re still in first gear here.
goes up but Ziggler is on the apron to meet him. They fight on the
top before they both crash to the floor. These guys are mirroring
each other so far. Back in and they slug it out a bit before both
get two off rollups. Ziggler hits a jumping DDT for two and after
ducking a high kick, Dolph hits a Fameasser for the same. This time
the high kick hits for a near fall for the champion. Punk slams him
down and loads up the Macho Elbow, only to get stopped by Ziggler.
Dolph slams him down but misses a Stinger Splash in the corner. GTS
hits out of nowhere for the clean pin at 7:10 shown of 10:40.
They were going for a big match feel here but it didn’t quite get
there. The match was entertaining and Ziggler looked like he was
hanging with Punk most of the way, but before the break and for part
of it after the break they didn’t really hit a higher level. It’s
good to see Punk get another clean win, but I could have done without
seeing the MITB guy lose AGAIN.
gets on the announce table and says he’s heard it from everyone that
he has to enter the Cell to face Cena. It’s still not going to
happen though.
I liked tonight’s show but there were some problems with it. A lot
of the matches felt like they were there to fill in time and had no
real purpose other than that. I’m digging the basic stuff they’re
doing with Sheamus and Big Show as they’re showing that Sheamus can
do whatever Show can do and that Sheamus is trying to get inside
Show’s head. That basic story is more than we got in the Alberto
feud. I know I mentioned it like three times now, but that feud was
so boring and even something simple like this is a breath of fresh
air. This was a nice upgrade for Smackdown but it’s no masterpiece.
Time Players b. Kofi Kingston/R-Truth – Gutbuster to Kingston
b. Primo – Shell Shock
b. Alicia Fox – High Kick
Barrett b. ??? – Souvenir
Miz b. Sheamus via DQ when Big Show interfered
NO b. Alberto Del Rio/David Otunga
b. Big Show via DQ when Sheamus interfered
Punk b. Dolph Ziggler – GTS
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