Random current state of WWE questions

Hey Scott,
Huge fan, long time reader, blah blah blah
Just had a few questions for you about the current state of WWE.
1. What do you think is the biggest problem is right now? The three hour RAWs clearly aren't working, for the attention span nor the ratings, but is there anything more specific?

Not creating new stars!  I will say that at least with Ryback they're making an ATTEMPT to break someone off from the pack of 50/50 booking, but everyone else just hits a certain level and then trades wins with Alberto Del Rio forever.  And now it's finally biting them in the ass because Cena needs a couple of weeks off and the ratings are plummeting without him.  Plus they're putting all their financial eggs in the Wrestlemania basket, and that's never a good strategy for long term success.  

2. Do you think Sheamus and Punk's long title reign have helped with restoring ANY prestige to the belts?

Punk yes, because the character is at least positioned as one of the most important people in the company.  Sheamus, no, because he's a clown and it's more often that I forget he's the damn World champion.   

3. What are your favorite things that are currently going on?

CM Punk and Paul Heyman are an awesome heel act, but I just don't think anyone wants to see Punk as a heel.  Regardless, I generally enjoy Punk's diatribes and dastardly ways.  Kaitlyn's boobies are very impressive and should be featured more on RAW.  I want to like Wade Barrett very much and get into him now because he's gonna get the rocket push and you might as well be on the right side of that as a fan.  

4. What are the Wild's chances whenever the lockout is off (I'm from Minnesota so my gripes with sports are neverending)?

They've certainly got the firepower now.  I'm not a fan of the team but that's more of a divisional rival thing, because otherwise I have no particular grudge against them outside of screwing over the Canucks in 2003.  I think they can certainly make the playoffs this year, although I'd only give 20% odds on their even being a season at this point.   

5. Any developmental guys you're excited for? I've seen a lot of boards buzzing for Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.

NXT kind of takes the mystery out of most of them, although Seth Rollins will likely be a solid midcard guy for a long time.  I think the Bray Wyatt gimmick is a winner, though, and he might be the breakthrough guy.