Vince Back on RAW…Again

What, Vince McMahon return to RAW a week after the lowest rating in 15 years?  The devil you say!
Here's my list of things he can do to prop up ratings further while he's there:
1)  New champion every segment!  Punk and Ryback trade the belt 16 times over the course of the show, complete with replays of the last title change before each new one.
2)  Fire Paul Heyman live on the air.  Just to amuse himself.
3)  Eight Co-GMs!  Then they all get together and have a tournament at whatever the next PPV is, with fans voting on Tout for who they think should win each match.  Winner faces AJ in a TWITTER WAR to determine the one, true, GM.
4)  Three words:  Live human sacrifice!
5)  Parody the Hulk Hogan sex tape with Mae Young and CM Punk, but don't ever mention what it's in reference to or who the people are supposed to be.  Also, reverse the gender roles.
6)  Give away the results of the football game live on TV.  You'll have a 50/50 shot at getting it right anyway.
7)  Have the owner lock out the wrestlers in a witty commentary on the NHL's labor troubles. 
The possibilities are literally endless.