Monday Nitro – May 12, 1997

Monday Nitro #87
Date: May 12, 1997
Location: 1st Mariner Center, Baltimore, Arena
Attendance: 8,058
Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, Larry Zbyszko

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

think this is another of those hour long shows due to the NBA Playoffs
which is a good idea lately. Slamboree is this Sunday and THANK GOODNESS
FOR THAT. The shows have been so insanely boring lately that they need
something to be completely changed. 1997 wasn’t kind to the company but
everyone remembers it as being awesome for some reason. Hopefully
there’s more Sting and Hogan here tonight as without them, these shows
suck. Let’s get to it.

Michael Buffer of all people opens the show.
are Savage and Liz with the Macho Man on his own feet instead of
crutches. He talks about Page jumping him last week and firing him up.
Savage wants a fight tonight and that’s it. He talked for 25 seconds
max. That’s kind of refreshing.
Sting wants to conduct a one on one interview with Bischoff. The source
of this news: Bischoff. Naturally the announcers accept this with no
TV Title: Juventud Guerrera vs. Ultimo Dragon
is defending and Regal talks about how he can outwrestle anyone and
will take the title on Sunday. Guerrera starts with a springboard cross
body for two followed by a headscissors to send the champ to the floor.
Back in and Dragon fires off some kicks followed by an over the shoulder
backbreaker for two. Juvy kicks him in the face for two and hits a
northern lights fisherman’s suplex for two.
rana is countered by a Dragon powerbomb and things slow down. Juvy
rolls through a rana into a sunset flip for two before escaping a dragon
and tiger suplex. They both go up top, resulting in Dragon hitting a
superplex to put both guys down. Juvy gets pulled to the floor by Sonny
Onoo and Dragon jumps on Guerrera from behind, saving Sonny in the
process. Onoo kicks Juvy in the back and back inside, the super rana
sets up the Dragon Sleeper to retain the title.
Rating: C.
Not bad here but they kept starting and stopping. Juvy is a good choice
for an opening act though as he can fly all over the place and do it
almost as well as anyone else. That being said, he had no chance at
winning the title, but for the most part that’s ok. Sometimes it’s fine
to throw out an entertaining match even if the ending isn’t in doubt.
are Piper/Flair/Greene to talk about Sunday. Please let this be short.
Greene says that everyone pays taxes, everyone dies, and on Sunday he’s
going to hurt the NWO. Flair says they’ll be there on Sunday. Piper says
he’s isn’t Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz. The NWO shows up and makes fun
of the guys in the ring. On Sunday, it’s no DQ and no countout.
Dean Malenko vs. Steve McMichael
takes him to the mat almost immediately but Mongo shoves him down
almost just as fast. Malenko goes after the knee but Mongo escapes a
Cloverleaf attempt. The leg lariat gets two for Dean but a Jarrett
distraction lets Mongo clip Dean from behind. Mongo powerslams Dean but
the referee went down during the slam.
Reggie White but Jarrett distracts him too, allowing Mongo to get in a
shot. White hits a clothesline and splash on Mongo (Bobby says it’s not
fair as Mongo has already been in there five or ten minutes. It hasn’t
even been three yet) giving Dean the pin. This was a mess and it set up
Reggie White vs. Mongo on Sunday so if it could be rated, the grade
would be very low.
Reggie says he’s fighting for Wisconsin on Sunday.
Lee Marshall does his thing. Remind me again why this guy was getting a paycheck?
Scotty Riggs vs. Wrath
Scotty Riggs gets pyro. Man how much money did they have to burn at
this point? Before the match, James Vandenberg names his monster as
Wrath. As for the match, picture any squash between a small pretty boy
and a monster that lasts about 40 seconds. That’s the match you get
here. Wrath wins it with his double arm Rock Bottom.
Here’s Glacier post match. He doesn’t do anything but he does in fact show up.
Konnan/Hugh Morrus vs. Alex Wright/Ice Train
Clearly a main event in any arena in the country. Tonight, it’s the main event in the 1st
Mariner Arena. The Dungeon team jumps Train to start with no avail at
all. Train and Morrus officially start us off with Ice Train hitting a
powerslam to take over. Off to Wright who is booed out of the building.
Wright won’t tag out and it lets Morrus take over. A clothesline puts
Train down and Wright bails to the floor. Train fights back but Wright
claims a knee injury and walks away. The Dungeon double teams Ice Train
until the Tequila Sunrise gets the submission.
Rating: D.
This was all about the heel turn and not about the match at all. This
didn’t lead to a match between Ice Train and Wright, at least not on
Nitro. This would be Train’s last match on Nitro that I can find for
over three years. Nothing to see here as it was an angle instead of a
match, but at least the angle seemed to be what was needed given the
crowd hating Wright when he came into the match.
We recap the beatdown on DDP by the NWO last week.
We cut to the back where Piper is down and injured. To the best of my knowledge this wasn’t mentioned at all on Sunday.
Bischoff for the big interview with Sting. Bischoff stalls a lot and
we’re rapidly running out of airtime. To the shock of absolutely no one
with a functioning brain, it’s the NWO Sting. The fans say they want
Sting. Bischoff says a bunch of things that run Sting down while
praising Hogan and Sting nods in agreement with everything. The real
Sting comes out and beats up the fake one. Bischoff runs to end the
Overall Rating: D-.
The only thing keeping this from being a total failure is that it was
half the length of a usual show. There was NOTHING on this show of value
at all and it was pretty clear that no one was interested in what they
were doing out there. Slamboree would wind up being the textbook
definition of a throwaway show and even though the main event wound up
being decent, it didn’t mean anything at all past Sunday night. This
show however was horrible and thankfully we’re moving towards something
new now.
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