HBK blog question

Hey Scott
I was watching the HBK HHH 2002 summerslam match and it got me thinking.  Let's say michaels back injury healed after a year or so and he returned the day after wrestlemania 15.  Does he return as a face and fight newly turned HHH.  Does he come back as a heel and fight Austin? Where does he fit in the corporate ministry garbage?
For this question let's assume he knows he is coming back before he became commissioner and gets betrayed by DX.

I think that finding Jesus saved his life, personally.  I bet he would have stayed heel for as long as possible, and Hunter's emergence as a main event guy would have been delayed for as long as he was around and in Shawn's shadow.  That being said, I honestly think that he was on the road to being the latest in the painkiller and booze crew with his partying and injury problems, and I don't think he would have made it past the Invasion once his back really started to fall apart.  But then I thought Hall and X-Pac were going to be dead by 2003 as well, and they're still both somehow alive, so maybe Shawn's heart is made of sterner stuff anyway.