Parallel Universe

With all the talk of guys who "should have been champ" or "could have been more", I wondered: Who would have benefited the most from coming up in the "other company?"  You mentioned Curt Hennig likely seeing his peak in the WWF, but I think he could have been a World Champion in the NWA/WCW had he been down south during his prime.  Nikita Koloff has been mentioned as another guy who would have been on top had he been in the opposite company (WWF).  Sting is a guy who comes to mind: if he comes up in the WWF, do you think he gets higher than an Intercontinental title contendor type (without roiding up like Warrior)?  Maybe BamBam Bigelow would have been a World Champ in late 80s NWA or early WCW?
Conversely, I think Sid, Luger, Vader are examples of guys who would have been up top regardless of which company they came up with.

Honestly, I don't know how or why Vince missed the boat on Lex Luger in 1986.  If he had better talent scouting in Florida he would have been ALL OVER that s---.  But given what a gigantic contract that Crockett gave him, maybe Vince just didn't want to match it, I dunno.