Good Match Request

I'm curious about two eras of wrestling, of which I know I little. 
The first is the chunk of the 80s where Dusty Rhodes was a top-tier guy. If I wanted to watch some matches, and I know Rhodes' ringwork wasn't particularly legendary, which should I seek out?
The second chunk is basically TNA pre-2010, when I started watching. I've seen a few of the variations on Samoa Joe v Daniels v Styles, but that's it. What matches with Christian, Raven, Angle, etc. that are worth finding?
Thanks for the help.

I wouldn't say Dusty was ever a "top tier" guy.  He held the World title for about a week total, combined, and other than that it was all Flair, all the time.  There's a million Flair matches from the 80s to recommend, basically close your eyes and pick 20.  The great thing about Flair is that you can plug any opponent in there and get a great match out of it, which is why he was a travelling champion who drew such big money.  
As for TNA, that would have to a project for the readers.  I literally didn't watch any TNA between 2006 and late 2011 because Russo drove me off so completely.