Smackdown – September 28, 2012

September 28, 2012
First Niagara Center, Buffalo, New York
Michael Cole, Josh Matthews
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
last week’s tag team show, it’s time to put some focus on the world
title match at the upcoming PPV. By that I mean actually setting up
a match there. The main event for tonight is Orton vs. Big Show
which would be fine to make a #1 contenders match. Show returned
from a brief absence on Monday and beat up various big men so I guess
he’s a heel again. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of last week’s events.
You Know Your Enemy? Mine is Garrett Bischoff. Why is he back on my
TV screen now?
Big Show to open the show. Show says he wants the world title
because he lost the title in 45 seconds last time. Then the guy that
beat him lost the title in 18 seconds. Show didn’t get to be in the
main event of Wrestlemania and he didn’t get to be champion and
that’s not cool with him. He says he’s the only person that can beat
Sheamus, but here’s Orton with a rebuttal.
says that to deserve a shot at Sheamus, you have to go through him.
That’s perfect as tonight’s match is for the #1 contendership. Show
says tonight it’s either going to be an RKO or a KO. Here’s Alberto
and please don’t make this a triple threat. Please. Del Rio says
the two of them need to go to the back of the line, and there’s an
RKO for him to end this segment. THANK GOODNESS.
Title: Antonio Cesaro vs. Santino Marella
pounds him down to start as Matthews talks about how Santino and the
Cobra have made up. Some suplexes from the champ (Cesaro) and puts
on a cravate before Santino makes his comeback. The gutwrench suplex
is countered into a sunset flip but the European Uppercut puts
Marella down. The second attempt at the suplex hits but Cesaro talks
enough trash to let Santino hit a superkick of all things for two.
Cesaro goes up but Santino makes the stop and backdrops Antonio off
the top. Santino misses a top rope headbutt and the Neutralizer
retains the title at 4:10.
This was by far the most competitive match these two have ever had
but they’re almost a month after the point where people buy Sanitno
has having a chance at beating Cesaro. This is what I don’t get
about WWE’s obsession with endless rematches: there’s no one else
they’re willing to try out with a title shot? No one at all? I have
trouble believing that.
get the My Name Is Gerald bit from Raw. Kane is so awesome at these
vs. Beth Phoenix
the match, Eve Touts how serious she takes the attack on Kaitlyn.
Feeling out process to start with both girls trying to get control.
I believe this is their first ever match. Beth controls on the mat
with a headlock but Natalya escapes a slam to tick Phoenix off.
Natalya slaps her in the face and the fight is on.
the hometown girl, hits a Russian legsweep to take over and is put in
the Sharpshooter two seconds later. She does the fastest crawl I’ve
ever seen to make the rope and Natalya freaks out. Nattie charges at
Beth and tries a rolling cradle, only to get caught in the Glam
Slam….for two. Natalya grabs a fast rollup but Beth rolls forward
into one of her own for the pin at 4:15.
Best Divas match I can remember in a long time here. The hometown
thing worked here with the fans being really into Beth. It’s
remarkable what you get when you have girls that can wrestle a match
and look like they know what they’re doing rather than looking like
they’re struggling to remember how to run ropes.
match here’s Eve to say that Beth is suspended until the
investigation into who attacked Kaitlyn is concluded. Natalya yells
at Beth and says not to blame her.
and Teddy talk about a tag team tournament to find #1 contenders for
the titles at HIAC. Beth comes in to complain and apparently Booker
isn’t even watching the show. Eve pops in and says she has the
authority to do that. Booker says Eve doesn’t have that authority
and reverses the decision. Eve sucks up as usual and Beth leaves.
Booker isn’t happy so Eve blames Teddy. Booker isn’t sure who to
cancer stuff.
Ryder vs. Wade Barrett
entrance for Ryder and I think you know where this is going. Barrett
immediately shoulders him down then kicks Ryder in the ribs.
Pumphandle slam gets two as does a slingshot belly to back
backbreaker. Off to a surfboard hold but Ryder fights up and hits a
facejam and middle rope missile dropkick. Barrett avoids the Broski
Boot and hits a clothesline to send Ryder to the floor. Back inside
and the Souvenir ends Ryder at 3:15.
This was your standard Barrett squash since he came back. The
problem with that is these matches aren’t really doing anything for
him. He talked about being open for business a few weeks ago and
then never mentioned it again. Barrett as a mercenary would work
fine given how he always talked about how he was here for the money
and not titles. Just squashing jobbers with an elbow to the head
isn’t getting him anywhere.
skit #2.
Miz for MizTV. The guest tonight is Sheamus who interrupts Miz’s
intro. Sheamus looks about 300% tougher in jeans when you can’t see
those white legs of his. He takes the mic from Miz and thinks Miz is
suffering from memory loss after the beatdown from Ryback. Sheamus
keeps asking Miz questions but won’t let him answer. He runs down
Miz and in a way the IC Title by saying the best Miz can do is host a
C list talk show. Miz talks about how he’s in a movie and a book now
and you’ll have to pay to see it. You can pay to hear him on Sirius
Radio and you can pay to see him compete in the ring.
talks about how Sheamus is going to get taken out by an RKO or a WMD
at HIAC. I feel like I’m on Sesame Street. Sheamus says no one
takes this championship more seriously than he does and while he
likes to have fun and joke around, the title means more to him than
anything. Since Sheamus is cutting a good promo, here’s Vickie to
interrupt him.
introduces Ziggler and says that he’s the real guy Sheamus needs to
worry about at the PPV. Ziggler says the main event tonight as well
as Sheamus’ title reign is irrelevant because Ziggler is the next
champion. Sheamus says Ziggler may get lucky with a cash-in…and
that’s all he says. Then he jumps Ziggler and Miz and launches them
both to the floor.
segment was going well until Ziggler came out and said the exact same
thing he’s been saying for four months. It’s really hard to buy
Ziggler as a real threat when Sheamus has beaten him so many times.
Once he wins the title, it’s going to take awhile to take him serious
as a champion, but that’s clearly his fault and not the company’s for
having him lose over and over again right?
get the brackets for the tag team tournament:
Time Players
get the full Lawler interview from Raw. That’s still awesome. One
question though: is it still a Raw exclusive if it’s shown in full on
Smackdown as well?
Team Tournament First Round: Usos vs. Rhodes Scholars
and Jimmy start us off. Sandow would be the Scholar and if I have to
explain who Rhodes is, you’re beyond my help. Damien controls to
start but walks into a Samoan Drop and both guys tag out. Jey hits
the running Umaga attack in the corner for two on Cody as things
break down a bit. A superkick puts Cody down but Jimmy’s splash hits
knees. Cross Rhodes hits and we’re done at 1:54.
sequence #3.
on some global summit that WWE was involved in.
vs. Tensai
good reaction for Ryback. They fight over a lockup to start and
Ryback sends him into the corner. Tensai gets in some headbutts and
a splash in the corner but Ryback suplexes Tensai down. The
clothesline is countered into a Baldo Bomb for a pair of two counts.
Now the clothesline hits and Shell Shock keeps Ryback undefeated at
2:06. The finisher was impressive but I’m not sure this proves that
Ryback is for real like Cole says. I mean, it’s just Tensai.
Rio attacks Orton in the back on the way to the ring. He slams a
case into Orton’s knee as well.
Show vs. Randy Orton
no Orton due to the attack in the back so here’s Del Rio instead.
Del Rio talks for a bit before Orton jumps him and limps to the ring
to have the match anyway. After a break we’re ready to go and Orton
is very tentative to mix it up for multiple reasons now. Show gets
him into the corner but Orton comes out with right hands. Show gets
a knee in though and Orton is down quickly.
second attempt at the chops in the corner is blocked and Show takes
him down with a single shot to the ribs. He stands on Randy’s ribs
and puts on a stomach claw, which is one of those usually lazy moves
that works a bit better for Show. The Final Cut (Eye of the
Hurricane) gets two but Orton barely has anything left. They head
outside and Orton gets dropped onto the barricade as we take a break.
with Orton trying to make a comeback and countering the chokeslam
into a DDT for a very delayed two. Orton can’t follow up at all here
because of the ribs. His knee seems to be fine after having a BIG
FREAKING CASE slammed into it but you can win them all I guess. Show
pounds on the ribs some more and beats on Randy in the corner. We
head to the floor and Show gets rammed into the post to give Orton a
Show is getting back in, Orton tries for the Elevated DDT but he
can’t find a way around the powers of fat. Instead he hits an RKO
out of nowhere but it only gets two. Orton loads up the Punt as a
last resort but charges into a chokeslam….for two. A second
chokeslam kills Orton dead for the pin at 9:32 shown of 13:02.
C+. I
liked this match for a few reasons. First and foremost, Big Show is
not Alberto Del Rio and he’s getting the next title shot. Second,
this match was more realistic than most you’ll see anymore. Orton
hit one big move the entire match and other than that it was pretty
much a squash. Having Orton be competitive in this match after being
attacked would have been absurd, so having Show dominate here made
perfect sense. Also, since it deserves a second mention, Del Rio
isn’t getting another shot!
lays Orton out with the WMD post match and says he’ll see Sheamus at
the PPV.
This was another pretty good episode. Not having Kane and Bryan on
the show was likely a good idea after last week. You don’t want to
run the risk of running the pairing into the ground and giving them a
week off is probably the right idea. Ryback got another win over
someone who at least looking intimidating and we have a bunch of tag
matches coming up. This show built for the future and it did it in a
good way. Good stuff tonight.
Cesaro b. Santino Marella – Neutralizer
Phoenix b. Natalya – Rollup
Barrett b. Zack Ryder – Souvenir
Rhodes/Damien Sandow b. Usos – Cross Rhodes to Jimmy Uso
b. Tensai – Shell Shock
Show b. Randy Orton – Chokeslam
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