Schrödinger’s Clique

I just realized why I love Aces & Eights:
They're not a Geezer Squad. They're not The Main Event Mafia or The Millionaire's Club, a group of old guys we love to see… just not controlling the main event, robbing younger wrestlers of their time to shine.
They're not a Job Squad. They're not NXT or The New Blood, a group of unproven wrestlers who deserve it, but since we know they'd probably lose a fair fight to a main eventer, they pose no real threat.
As long as Aces & Eights remain unknown, they exist somewhere in between. When we see one take out a guy like Austin Ares, we believe it, because for all we know it's Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, or someone with enough "Superstar Points" to pull it off. And yet, it somehow also doesn't feel like backstage politics keeping the same old guys on top, because for all we know, it's some new badass we haven't seen.
Aces & Eights feel *simultaneously* established *and* full of promise, and it's like nothing I've ever seen before.
– Zeus

Really?  Because it's feeling more and more like the Dungeon of Doom to me as we go along.  I mean it's not a terrible storyline overall, but it's getting way past the expiration date for something to advance the storyline or reveal the leader or give any kind of meaningful information on them.  Slow burning a story is one thing, but obviously they're stretching things out to hit the PPVs, which is weird because no one buys them anyway.  I think they had an intriguing idea when they started, but if their big payoff is introducing D-Lo Brown in an on-screen role out of nowhere and then turning him into the big traitor with Eric Bischoff as the mysterious leader…I dunno man.  That's not the ideal payoff, to say the least.