So are we fans screwed?

After the end of tonight's Raw, I really want to know, is there no f------ point screaming at how God-awful things have gotten with Cena vs Punk this fall? That come hell or high water, they plan on destroying what is left of Punk's credibility to prop up the piece of s--- John Cena all in the name of having Cena get the belt and beat the Rock (another thing NO ONE but Cena and the WWE want to see)?
I came back to the WWE because of Punk and given the s--- sandwich being served for three f------ hours daily, I have to ask if there is any point f------ bothering with wrestling again if the WWE seems dead set on spiting fans and f------ going out of their way to vindictively bury the only guy to give the company a sniff of mainstream attention these last couple of years, for the sin of getting over without permission and humiliating their "chosen one", who was made to look like the unliked bastard stepchild he is in real life? Should I just f------ quit watching, out of disgust and knowing that the company doesn't give a f--- about what the fans want, just what Mattel and the charity vultures want, due to it rigged marketing testing?
Jesse Baker

Sorry, what?