Blading and Injuries

Hey Scott, Adam from the blog here. Couple quick questions that I hope the rest of the DOOMers can chime in on too:
1. I was poking around the old DDTDigest site, and they have an article about the history of blading ( At the end, they say "Think about that next time you see Kevin Nash's un-scarred forehead" or something like that. It got me thinking, how many well-known wrestlers besides Nash have never really bled? Come to think of it, I've never seen Scott Hall blade, though I've hardly seen any of his AWA work. I never saw Rey Jr. or Owen Hart blade. Sting, to my knowledge, only juiced in his match with Vader where he got slaughtered (awesome match right there, BTW). Can you think of any other well-known guys that never bladed, or at least only did it once like Sting? Not counting guys that made their debut in the WWE after it went PG and the old exacto-knife-blade-in-the-wrist-tape was banned, obviously…
2. Are there any guys that made it through their career without serious injury? Define "serious injury" however you want to, but limit it to only guys with at least 10 years in the biz. The only guy I could think of is Jeff Jarrett , but then I remembered that he missed Souled Out 2000 due to a concussion. Outside of that. I got nothing. 
Forgive me if these questions have already been asked…

1.  Dusty Rhodes and Abdullah the Butcher!  No, that sounds wrong.  Toughie, actually, as I don't remember too many guys who were hesitant to gig themselves.  I don't recall Arn Anderson doing it too many times, or Ricky Steamboat.  In fact I can't recall a single match where the Dragon got all good and bloodied up, so he seems like he might be a good bet.  Scott Hall has been in a few bloodbaths before, although I can't remember specifics, but I've seen pictures in the Apter mags back when he was just Scott Hall and not Razor Ramon yet.  And Owen definitely bladed in Stampede.  
2.  I can't recall too many cases where Owen Hart was injured outside of his banged up knees and…you know.  Jarrett was definitely someone who worked a super-safe style until he ran into Vince Russo.  Dusty Rhodes might be another one, because he did f--- all in the ring and it's hard to get injured when you're lying on the mat selling a nerve pinch.  Which probably explains his longevity.