I had a question concerning the WWF in January 1990

Hey Scott. Really enjoy pretty much everything you post. Anywho, I've been watching some old WWF Prime Time Wrestling episodes specifically from January 1990. They advertised that "Widow Maker" aka Barry Windham I believe was supposed to be in the Royal Rumble match. How come he never entered it? Also, why did they drop the "Canadian" name from Earthquake's persona? One last question, how did the WWF and the cable companies resolve their issue back then because they spent 1/4th of each episode whining to the viewers to call their Congressmen and demand WWF PPV's? Thanks Scott and keep up the great work!

1.  Windham left the promotion pretty quickly after some sort of falling out, and went back to WCW early in 1990.  
2.  As I understand it, the dropped the Canadian portion because they didn't want him getting babyface reactions in Canada.  
3.  Don't remember that whole deal.  I don't recall any specific issues with WWF getting dropped from PPV, but then we didn't have PPV in Canada at all until years after that anyway.