Star Makers

*unnecessary introduction redacted* 
Scott, there's been a lot of talk on the blog over the years of who made who, or didn't. We all know Triple H loves to talk about how no big star (like, say, Mick Foley or Shawn Michaels or Steve Austin) ever laid down for him. My question is, who made the most stars by feuding with, teaming with, and/or jobbing to them? Rock's great, but he ruined people as often as he made them. My money's on either Shawn (absolutely made Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, and I'd argue he was a pretty big part of HHH breaking the glass ceiling in the first place with DX. And that's just before his comeback where he laid down for pretty much everybody.), or Savage, who made everyone he feuded with look like a million bucks, win or lose, and pretty much singlehandedly turned DDP from scrub into Main Eventer. But then you know more than I do, so who would your picks be?  

Yeah, Savage is a real good pick.  When it came time to do business, he would MAKE people.  Flair of course would go from town to town making local guys into bigger stars every night on a smaller scale, too.  Yeah, Flair gets flack for not putting Luger over at the right times, but he made tons of other stars.