Was there a specific moment you began thinking the nWo was getting old?  In retrospect, we know they rode the gravy train too long and lost all imagination with the booking of it (with endless run-in DQs, Dusty finishes, and no satisfying babyface wins that meant anything), but when did you think "this s--- is starting to get old"?  Further, and without delving into fantasy-booking obscurity, is there a specific "ending" you think made most sense to pay-off the whole nWo story?

Well we didn't even get Nitro in Canada until well after the nWo was past its best before date, so my perceptions of it are largely based only on PPVs and WCW Saturday Night recaps.  I think that the perfect ending would have been Hogan losing the title to Sting at Starrcade 97, at which point Nash and Hall turn on him and he goes back to the nostalgia run again while the nWo splits up an everyone does their own thing.  The Wolfpac can split off, whatever.  If you wanted to stretch it out a bit further, I'd have Goldberg running through each member from the bottom to the top, with Hogan firing each guy as they fail to stop Goldberg's streak.  Finally, Hogan gets destroyed like it happened before to end the storyline, and then all the former members he fired gang up on him and get their revenge, then go off and everyone does their own thing.