Nexus Redux

The disappointments post, along with the Barrett/Gabriel match the other night got me thinking…
What if Nexus reformed, say, next week on RAW?  Cena or Sheamus (or anybody really) would be cutting some standard promo about their current feud and all of a sudden, Barrett, Otunga, Slater, Gabriel, Young, Ryback and Daniel Bryan all come out, in their current gimmicks more or less, and just wreck shop.  Is this feasible?  If you were booking, what are the pros and cons of doing it?  If so, when would be the right time to pull the trigger?

Holy god, are we really to the point where we're nostalgic for the NEXUS?  Is this what the state of pro wrestling has done to you poor people?  It was a nothing gimmick and was never explained in the first place, we really don't need to revisit it again past the Corre and New Nexus and Punk Nexus and all the other tries at reviving the original idea.  Let it die, we need original ideas, not recycling 2010 ones.