Dan Gheesling’s biggest mistake

Well, no real shock that Dan was annihilated by Ian in the final two.  But I don't really think it was a massive dropping of the ball as much as his biggest mistake has to go back to the final 4.  I think he really over thought the Shane is a threat deal – He had his shot to take out Ian but chose to take out Shane instead.  With a final 3 of Shane and Danielle, I think he has a higher probability of winning the HOH.  However, he still might end up being the victim of the bitter jury.  All in all you can't play the game that Dan played and end up against a player like Ian, you will just get crushed every time.  Frustrating end to an amazing season, but it is what it is.  I was more shocked that Frank won the America's vote.

Big Brother isn't bound by game show regulations, so I'm thinking Frank "won" America's vote to justify his position in All-Stars 2 when it happens.  
And I think the jury will look back in a week and agree with Janelle's summation of the situation once they're not under the backlash of the Dan Mist and the stir crazy of the house. I'm just glad now that Dan wasn't up against Danielle, because the bitter jury might have given it to her to punish him, and that would be an even bigger travesty.  Not that I'm particularly mad about Ian winning, because clearly he deserved the money over everyone else in the house BUT Dan and he was a great player. But C'MON.  That was some Dr. Will-level awesomeness from Dan all season long.  Clearly he's the greatest player ever and should have won that thing.