Questions for blog

Hey Scott, reader since (I think) 1999.
Questions :
(1)    I read the hell out of the PWI ‘family’ in the 1987-1991 period (I was born in 1975).  How did the so-called ‘mark’ magazines work?  I mean, I know that a number of the ‘writers’ didn’t actually exist, but did the magazines contact the feds about upcoming angles they wanted to promote?  Did they get quotes from wrestlers ‘in character’?
(2)    Who is / was the greatest ever female wrestler (taking into account drawing ability, wrestling ability, promos etc.)?
(3)    Pop culture ‘lightning round’ (I hear that you ‘rule at lightning rounds’!) :
(a)    Pacino or De Niro?
(b)   Best Guns n’ Roses album?
(c)    Sammy Hagar or David Lee Roth?
(d)   Nirvana or Pearl Jam?
(e)   Out of the nominees for Best Picture in 1994 (one of the great years in film) – Pulp Fiction, 4 Weddings and a Funeral, Shawshank Redemption, Quiz Show and Forrest Gump – which has stood the test of time?

  1.  It was almost all made up by Bill Apter under the variety of aliases.  Generally there was no cooperation from the promotions and the magazines unless the promotion wanted something out of them, so any quotes were just fabricated as needed.  
2.  Probably Akira Hokuto or Madusa in terms of actual drawing ability.  I mean, I love Trish as a worker and promo, but she was never in position to draw money outside of one match.
3.  I do rule at lightning rounds.
a)  Pacino!  Although his bad movies are REALLY bad, whereas DeNiro is at least pretty consistent.  They're two of my all time favorites though, so it's really an unfair question.
b) Use Your Illusion II is generally the one that lands in my phone's music player most often.  Civil War, Knockin On Heaven's Door, Estranged, Pretty Tied Up, Locomotive…all tremendous.
c)  I certainly like Sammy better as a solo artist and the only Van Halen concert I've had the opportunity to see was with him as singer, so he gets my vote.  But I own all the DLR Van Halen and solo CDs too, so I'm cool with both.  
d)  Nirvana until 1994, at which point Pearl Jam take over for a while.  I kinda got bored with them never touring here or doing videos and stuff, so I've drifted back to Nirvana again as a result and I've been very into Bleach and the box set lately.  Basically with Pearl Jam I'll listen to Ten, Vs, Vitalogy, No Code and Yield and sometimes the greatest hits if I want Yellow Ledbetter too.  
e)  I haven't watched Pulp Fiction in a while, and I'm compelled to watch Shawshank whenever it's on TV, but obviously Pulp Fiction is the movie that has had the biggest impact on movies in the long term.